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The truth of Pokemon

The truth of Pokemon

By Rukasu

Pokemon, a popular game played by millions of kids around the world. But where did Nintendo and Game freak get the idea?(NOT SEGA)Well, i'll tell you.

There was a boy named Gold in the early 70's. He was an only child with parents who really didn't show affection at all for him. One night they walked out for an 8:00 walk and said they would be back by 10:00 and to stay out of trouble and to be in bed by 9:00.

About 7 minutes into the walk a man bursted through the window with a knife and said F*CK UP THE A** I HATE LIFE! Then he through the knife at Gold. He died with contact of the knife. The man was scared that he had just killed someone and thought he was going to have to go to jail.He also cut off his arms and legs for some reason So he though of putting a note saying "He Died" on him, and so he did.

The Police found note books in his dresser drawer with pictures of pokemon which is where Nintendo got the idea for pokemon. Nintendo (Which was not a video game company at the time) waited untill they thought everyone had completley forgot about this tragic event. What i believe was 1990 or so, SEGA got a hold of the idea of pokemon and made a game called Pokemon Legends for the Game Gear. It didn't work out so well so then they ported it back to Nintendo.

There is a corupted game on the game boy color called Pokemon Lost Silver, which was a prototype for Pokemon Silver. I made a story about it

To shorten up the whole thing is that there was a boy who was badly picked on and called names at a local school so he though of his own imaginary world where he could be the master, or as he said the best that there ever was. He created about 400 pokemon so he wouldn't feel like a loner.He was killed by a man who was a mental patient. His favorite was Unknown, what he called the spell pokemon. Jiggly puff and Wiggly tuff where Pudding and Custard. Then Nintendo took advantage of his life and made it into a video game after SEGA stole it from them then gave it back.

Llike how Nickelodeon took advantage of Arnold, a kid with a deises which gave him a footballish shaped head and he saw his invisable friends with messed up head so he felt normal. People took advantage of his life as well, he also killed him self.

You see people with no hearts take advantage of others. I play pokemon and still do to this day. I hope if you do to, you still play that wonderfull game series. Also the good news is that pokemon are fresh out of nintendroids brains.

Sorry if i ruined you veiw of pokemon.

Author Notes: All of this is true and none of it is a lie. If you have any comments for a request, be my guest.

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8 Apr, 2013
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