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The Red Star (Part 1)
The Red Star (Part 1)

The Red Star (Part 1)

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I put my hand on the doorknob.

"What do you think your doing!?"

I looked up at a tall brown haired elf lady glaring angrily down at me.

"Umm.... Looking for the bathroom."
(No way she's gonna fall for that)

"There's a bathroom right around this corner no way you missed that. I'm taking you to the colonels' room.
Wait I know you you've been down here before. Your in big trouble this time Hector."

"Is there any way I can convince you to change your mind?"

"I've heard about how much of a sweet talker you are I'm not listening. Come with me."

("Jeez this is the third time this lady had to get on to me and now I'm getting a punishment.")

"I cant believe you would try to go into the basement. Do you know how many people have already disappeared there?"

"Yes I'm well aware of that"

We were just about to enter the colonels' office.
From what I've heard the chick who runs security is supposed to be this badass sorcerer and every one she's had to deal with personally received very severe punishments. A couple guys I know very well say they're scared of her.
I'm not looking forward to this. The door opens.


I couldn't believe my eyes. Right there in front of me sitting in her chair at a fairly large wooden desk was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. White long hair, blazing light blue eyes like fire, rather than having a dark almost black purple skin color like most demons it was light purple, Instead of the short strait horns like most half blood demons I've seen she had full curled like horns indicating a full pure blood demon, and She couldn't be any older than 15 same as me. I couldn't really tell because she was sitting down but I'm pretty sure she's taller than me to.

(Pretty Girl)
"Speak... what did you do."

(I could get lost in her eyes for the remainder of my short human life.)

(Pretty Girl)

"I'm sorry miss it's not every day i get to see a woman as beautiful as you can I ask your name?"
(Good lord she can yell.)

(Pretty Girl)
"Thats irrelevant. This is about you and what you did that got my 2nd jr commander to bring you directly to me."

"I'm Hector Kura of the Ares familia age 15, I weigh 138 pounds, I'm 5 feet 9 inches tall and single."

(Pretty Girl)
"Thats not what I mean ye little weirdo."

"Umm.. Oh yeah I was trying to sneak into the basement when this older less attractive lady caught me and brought me here to you."

"I beg your pardon young man"

(Pretty Girl)
"It's okay Collie leave him to me you go do your job."

I looked around on her desk to look for a nametag but surprisingly there wasn't one.

"Hey miss I never got your name."

(Pretty Girl)

(I better stop making her yell or she's gonna impair my hearing)

(Pretty Girl)
"Do you have any idea how many people have already gone missing in that strange place?"

"Yes but everyone knows that's where king Alvin hid his most prized possession and the most powerful weapon in the world the Kai Horo. If I get my hands on that I become the richest man alive and wouldn't you do the same?
Wouldn't it be cool to have enough money to pay for everything you your children and grand children would ever need for the rest of their lives?"

(Pretty Girl)
"I don't believe in fairy tales. I'm gonna have to restrict your access beyond the first floor for the next 4 months and your getting monitored."

"Jeez that's harsh"

(Pretty Girl)
"I can make it 8 months"

"No thank you miss."
(With all the evidence I've collected over the past 4 years someone out there has to believe me.
The Kai Horo is definitely down there I know it.)

(Pretty Girl)
" Then get out... and stay away from the basement we don't need any more disappearances."

I walked out of the room then quickly and quietly made my way back to the basement making sure I wasn't followed this time.
I opened the door and shut it behind me as quietly as possible. what I found in the room wasn't what I was expecting.
In fact this is the last thing I would have ever expected to find in a basement let alone a library.
Somethings grabbing at my leg.


To be continued..........

Author Notes: I have a few idea's for this series.
I decided on 2 protagonist's. One boy and one girl. The girl will show up in part 2.
What did ya guys think?

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15 Apr, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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