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The Red Star (Part 2)
The Red Star (Part 2)

The Red Star (Part 2)

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I looked up from my book about meta material magic to see a sort of tall black haired boy being walked by a security gaurd.
Some boys behind started talking.

"There he goes again getting himself in trouble."

"It's almost like he enjoys it. What is he stupid?"

My friend Mike leans over as if to tell me something.

"Thats who we came here for. Thats the kid your looking for."

"I thought we were supposed to find a responsible young man who we could rely on.
Not some kid who's constantly breaking the rules."

"Make no mistake Nora that kid is the second most powerful swordsman this world.
Looks arent everything and your a kid to you know."

"I refuse to be ordered around by someone who cant follow simple rules at a library themselves. If hes becoming the squad leader as soon as we return back to the guild I'm done."

"Well theres nothing you can do about it."

"I suppose so.
(This is so irritating.)

"You go get him while I wait outside."


I got up went around the corner of the colonels' office and waited. After a few seconds of waiting I heard yelling.

"Jeez hes still at it with the bad behavior making the colonel yell like that?"

Finally he walked out and I was about to get the big talk started with him but he seemed suspicious and in a hurry so I used a camouflage spell and a silencing spell to hide myself while I followed him down a flight of stairs. He quickly zipped around a corner and when I looked around it he was gone.

("Did he go inside?")


That noise came from the door he did go inside but why did he scream?
I opened the door and was shocked at what I found inside.

Author Notes: What do you guys think of the new girls intro?
I would like to get an honest review on this and part 1.

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23 Apr, 2019
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1 min
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