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Wanting to speak

Wanting to speak

By Rukasu

As you should know, there are thigs that cause you to be unable to speak of listening. This is the best one i've heard in my life and it's a "Beautiful" story.

In 1891 there was a boy who was 3 years old who his mother was starting to get scared that he hasn't said his first word yet. The docter said that there was no proble with him. About three years later, he still wasn't talking and now he seemed as though he could't hear his mother.

The docter now noticed he seemed to be retarded. His mother freaked out because because back then, there were horrible places where people would have to put there mental babies at and it was a horrible sight.

They fed 80 children with the same spoon, If the child were to bite another they would take out all of there teeth with plyers, and they had a sickness i can't remember the name of and if they had this, they would take out 3 of there ribs, and if they hit oneanother, they would be straped to the beds.Most of them didn't even have clothes and there was alot of screaming.

The mother made sure that they never took him away but then about whern he was 9 he started to draw. his mother saw a drawing he made and she showed it to the docter(Who also made sure he didn't go to a mental house) and he was astonished. He said he had Specialized autism. That is where a human is mostly good at one thig and bad at all the others.

In this case he was good at drawing.This boy, Robert stelering, became one of the most famouse people in the world that it seems that everyone knows about him.

Most people in his time could tell he would bleed to talk but all he could do was draw, walk, breath, eat, and use the crapper. He died on april 12, 1913.

Not to many people, as far as i know, don't remember him at all. He drew many famous drawing, once again, not remembered much.

This is also a true storie by Rukasu T. Stevenson, if you have any requests, please let me know.

Author Notes: He was a wonderful kid, i think...

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10 Apr, 2013
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