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A Weird Thing Reviews

melissak gave a rating of 5

We have a selective history because they want to paint the picture on who the good and bad guys are. Honestly, I know that what Hitler did was terrible; however, was it really as bad as they say? He's the only reason we are together and not fighting in more world wars. He brought us together.
Also, Japan was at fault just as much for sinking ships and dominating islands. There are many other events I haven't heard about or was only hinted at in history because they've decided to pick our thoughts on the history of society and tell what they find important.
Another important thing to point out is that most historical things are just hypothetical. They don't actually know they just think they do and expect us to believe it all. Sometimes I wonder if historians actually study and find the truth of what they find or just decide thats what it is and decide what is important to hear.

melissak Sorry, didn't mean to write that much.
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Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray Write as much as you want! I've written longer reviews.
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