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Zombie Part2
Zombie Part2

Zombie Part2


I pressed one hand on the open wound and reached out with the other towards my attacker as I slowly fell to the wooden boards of the open porch. Everything slowly faded into black until it eventually disappeared along with the smell of my blood and the wooden porch.

I woke up to see nothing other than the pitch black darkness that was all around me. I seemed to be in a large wooden box that fit me perfectly. (" But why?") I thought to myself. I tried pushing the one end of the box that was in front of me to see if it would open, no luck. I then gathered all of my strength and busted out of the box only to be in the immediate presence of a crap load of dirt and mud. I immediately started climbing up and up and up until I finally reached the surface. I was then greeted by a dark cloudy sky and heavy rain. I stood up and looked around for a place to take shelter from the rain. There was an ominous light in the distance so I squinted my eyes to get a more clear look and saw the outline of a few houses (It must be a town). I went up the road into the town and ran under the first building with a balcony over the porch that I ran into to keep the rain offa me. What was lucky for me was that the building itself happened to be an open bar. I shook as much water off my body as I could then proceeded to trot my way inside.

I was curious as to where I was so I asked the bartender. "Ay man, what town is this?" " Yer in Yellowgrass, cause the grass around here is yellow all year round. Can I getya somethin, a drink, a bath maybe? Ye look real dirty and tired." ( " Yellowgrass? This cant be. I was here just here the other day and it wasn't half the size of this town.") " You ok there buddy? You ain't talkin." " I'm good, a bath would be nice and I do need a change of clothes."

I rented a room and settled myself down in a nice warm bath. When I was done the rain was still pouring down heavily so I decided to sleep on it. In the morning I dressed myself in clean clothes and made my way to what used to be the guild house but it looks like it's a pharmacy now. An old lady carrying a crate of food inside stopped on the stairs to speak to me. " Can I help you?" " I thought there was a guild house right here." " Oh, no sweetie. My Papa purchased this town and had it rebuilt, oh about eighty seven years ago." " Hmmm. Thank you miss." I went back to my room at the bar.

I sat on the bed and started thinking to myself. (Eighty seven years ago?) How is this possible? Not to mention that's ONLY if it happened right after my incident. I could have been buried for much longer than that. Where am I gonna go and what am I going to do?

Author Notes: Please read part one before reading this one.

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10 Sep, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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