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Highline is from US United States • 40 y/o

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Forgive Me, Will You? by lime

Damn. I don't know what to say

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The Agony of Being Me by LORD_JASON

Rejection is so hard to deal with.

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Don't Wake Up by Aaron Sebastians

Strange and erie. I'm going to be looking at my closet funny for the next couple days

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We Are Born, We Live, We Die by NobodyImportant

This is very nihilistic, but very well put together. Are you okay?

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Monsters in My Head by Little Bean

<3 <3 <3 <3

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I'll Be There, I Promise by Little Bean

Flows so well. Your poems make me happy

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Constellations by Little Bean

Simple and straightforward but still fun to read.

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Stereotypical Teens by Little Bean

This is so heartwarming!

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