A Funny Gross Story

A funny gross story about two guys who are lost in the woods
Posted: 4 years ago (10/03/11)
Genre: Comedy
Type: Funny
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There were these two brothers who were lost in the woods. They were feeling hungry and came across a small little cotage. The older one decided to find some food in the cottage while the younger one waited outside. When the older one went in he saw an old woman sitting on a chair. He asked the old woman for some food. The old woman agreed to give him food and went upstairs. But the woman did not come down so he decided to check. To his horror he saw the old woman lying naked on a bed. The old woman said that if he has sex with her she will give him food. Of course he did not want to and found carrots on a table. He grabbed them and stuffed it up her vagina and threw the carrots out a window.. Then then old woman gave him food and he went outside to share it with his brother. But his brother said he wasnt hungry because god gave him creamy carrots to eat

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