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The Piano
Story by writingartist420 (48)
The bond between a grandmother and her adult grandson.
3 mins
Words: 702
Read Time: 3 mins
Musing by JT (78)
“In the Western culture, we have built a beautiful ship, with every comfort imaginable, except for one – it does not have a compass which is why it doesn’t know where it’s going.”
1 min
Words: 361
Read Time: 1 min
The Figure
Story by Asoxus (22)
"The Figure" is a short story about a figure seen only by men who were deemed clinically insane.
2 mins
Words: 490
Read Time: 2 mins
The Hotel Manager
Story by StephenG (64)
In March 1976, Mark Lewis makes his first visit to Paris. A chance encounter with a stranger in his compartment leads to an incident which will change his life.
40 mins
Words: 8073
Read Time: 40 mins
The Saint's Treasure
Story by Suphaphanp (48)
A young man has worked in St. Albans Museum which has already closed its door. He has found a tiny dot which finally led him to the Saint’s Treasure that will change his life forever.
17 mins
Words: 3474
Read Time: 17 mins
Story by JT (78)
Grace Clarkson entered the Olde Book Shoppe, hoping to find a long lost treasure. What she found instead was a messenger from the other side of the veil, bearing news she never thought possible.
17 mins
Words: 3544
Read Time: 17 mins
Someone New
Poem by FlamingGrill (23)
Finding someone who you can connect with.
1 min
Words: 258
Read Time: 1 min
Drown It Out 18+
Story by NobodyImportant (17)
He turned the music up louder, trying to drown out the painful sobs of his mother.
4 mins
Words: 807
Read Time: 4 mins

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