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Read Time: 7m
Story by 🌸Fate
I can't sleep with you around.....
Read Time: <1m
Tonal Shades of Lightning
Story by lemonslice
A prose poem about being let down and then go to great lengths to take revenge.
Read Time: 1m
Just Go
Story by Kat
A married couple having an argument that was overheard.
Read Time: 1m
On This Night Before Christmas
Poem by simplemanRed
A Christmas poem chronicling the plight of the Gingerbread folk.
Read Time: 4m
No Reviews Yet
Misery Loves Company
Story by KitCat28
What does it feel like to be isolated? My story explores this theme.
Read Time: <1m
Random Poem 4: One Day
Poem by 🌸Fate
Deepest of my thoughts
Read Time: 3m
You Think YOU'RE Having A Bad Day?
Story by Galaxian
If you think you're having a bad day, wait until you read this funny short story.
The Blanket Story
Read Time: 4m
The Blanket Story
It is about giving an inanimate object a voice, and a personality. The blanket story will make you sad and laugh. It is amusing and heartwarming.

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