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Latest Romance Short Stories

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She Was Everything
Story by TheForgotten
She wasn't just a girl...
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Timing Is Everything
Story by Danig86
When Honey meets the man of her dreams but the timing is all wrong!
Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chapter 17)
Story by Kat
Mindy continues to try to deal with her condition.
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Story by Princess_AJ
This poem is about to best friends then one day one of the best friends move away and there life is so different but then they realize that they love each other no matter how far apart they are.
The Real Me
Story by NobodyImportant
I've been hiding the real me for a while now and I don't want to anymore

Random Romance Short Stories

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Sweet Revenge IV
Story by myjhersey17
told yah its coming...
Masochistic Crush
Story by akumumasochist
i'm a masochist. i really am. to fall in love with my bully.
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love from one part
Story by 2468
sad love story from one part
My Love
Story by Janu
My one and only love and how i lost him.
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Unconditional Love
Story by Dawn25
This story is about a girl who falls in love with her friend who is in love with someone else, as she struggles through life trying to hold on to their friendship.

Highest Rated Romance Short Stories

I'll Come for You
Story by TheForgotten
A girl is devastated when she loses her fiancé one day...
Please Forgive Me Poem
Story by Rich Powell
A short, rhyming romantic poem about a past relationship in which I reeled for forgiveness because of past insecurity.
A Poem of Heartaching Thoughts
Story by Rich Powell
A brief poem that I wrote about my current aching heart in a relationship that means so much to me.
All Audiences
The She Devil
Story by RebelSoul
A small poetic break from my stories.
All Audiences
See Yourself Through My Eyes
Story by Raven Knight
Sometimes all you need is for that one person to tell you how beautiful and amazing you are to them, to actually see your self the way they see you. Like the beautiful soul you are.

Most Viewed Romance Short Stories

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Marry Me Brother...
Story by VanDerKhan
a short story about an incestuous relationship between a brother and sister....
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #1
Story by WannabeArora
My life is pretty simple. I go to Good will middle. I'm in eighth grade. I have a best friend, and had a boyfriend. So yeah my life is perfect, right? WRONG!!!!! My name is Nicole Blake I'm 14 years old and my life is a MESS!!!
All Audiences
Story by josiemarie12
some of my poetry, 13 years old, emo, heartbroken
All Audiences
Story by BaBEbOO
This is story about two best friends whom secretly loved each other and wanted so much more than just friendship.....
A Gang life for me...
Story by Scory
A girl moves to Miami with her horrible mother, and falls in love with a man with a troubled past and future. A Gang's leader falls in love.....