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By BaBEbOO - 3 Reviews

On the very first day of school, the little boy pulls on the teacher's sleeve and asked "Hey Miss, who is that little girl?.." and he points to the little girl. The teacher giggled and said "I have no clue, why don't you go over and say hello to her..." The little boy slowly walked towards the little cute girl and said "Hello.." and waved at her. The little girl said "Hello.." and waved back at him. They both smiled at each other and giggled a little and from that day on they were best of friends. Fifteen years passed and they were still best of friends and see each other often. They would tell each other anything and confide their deepest secrets, except for that one secret they both hid deep inside, that feeling of love they felt for one another. They both were too shy to reveal their true feelings for fear of what they already have, an everlasting friendship. They would sit at the park together for hours, talking about anything and everything. The boy would always bring his guitar along and talk about his passion for music. The girl would talk about her dreams and aspirations and her big day, the day she would get married. She would always say to the boy "Hey, I'll invite you to my wedding.. You can in the very front row.." Every time the boy heard these words, he would stop and think to himself "But i don't want to be the guy sitting in the front row.... I want to be guy waiting for you at the end of the aisle.... The guy who will take your hand in marriage.." Little did the guy know that at the exact same time he would be thinking of these thoughts, the girl would be thinking "Please stop me, please tell me you just want to be the guy waiting for me to walk down the aisle.... and just say those three words that would mean the world to me.." But of course, he doesn't.
One day, the guy was taking a stroll around the neighborhood, he took a left turn at the corner shop and all he saw was nothing but pain. The girl was walking hand in hand with another person, the couple came closer together and kissed. He couldn't bare seeing anymore and quickly ran home, thinking the girl hadn't seen him. Mere words could not express the pain he felt inside. He felt as if his whole world had came crashing down. The next day, he woke to the ringing of his phone, he picked up and said "Hello.." the girl said "Hey it's me.." and the guy said "Hey, whats up?.." the girl said "I need a shoulder to cry on... Can you come and meet me at the park?.." the guy said "Yeah.. Sure I'll be there soon.." The boy got up, quickly got dressed and ran to the park. When the boy got there, the girl was already sitting on the bench, with tears rolling down her face. The guy slowly walked towards the girl. The boy wiped her tears away as she began to speak, "I was searching for that one guy, who would hold me close...and never let me go..then I realize everything I'm searching for... was always right front of me.." and then the guys says "There's something I've been meaning to tell you..." the girl looks at him and says "There's something i need to tell you also.." and at the same time they both said "...I LOVE YOU..." They both smiled and the girl said " I was trying to deny my feelings for you.. because you are my best friend...and I didn't want to ruin what we had.." They sat together in the park till the sun went down.The guy walked the girl home and they kissed each other good night. Later that night the girl received a phone call... she picked up and it was the guy. He told her that he was moving to America the next morning, he wasn't sure when he'll be back.. if ever.. After he said that he told her that he hope she understands that he loves her. When he hung up, the girl felt like her whole world was destroy by fire and burned to ash. She sat on her bed motionless with tears in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. The next morning she woke up and sat on her bed for a while, her mother opened the door and handed a letter to her and said that the letter was from a young man who told her mother to give it to her. Her mother told her that he said to please read it. When her mother left the room she sat on her bed with tears in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks, as she look down at the letter. Instead of reading the letter she kept it in her dairy.
Weeks past and she has been thinking about the guy and cried day and night, she would sometimes even cry herself to sleep. No matter what she did, she could not get the guy out of her head. As the weeks turn into months, she was kinda getting the hang of it without the guy by her side. She had a good job and was still in school, and making good grades. Well as the months continue to turn to years she was doing fine and wasn't missing the guy as much as she use to anymore, maybe once in a while but not as much as before. Well five years passed and she graduated from Medical School, she had everything she needed and wanted. That afternoon she heard a knock at the door, when she opened it there he stood at the door. He smiled at her and said "I told you I'll be back for it.." she looked at him with a confused face. He ask her if she read the letter she looked at him and ran to her room to get the letter, came back down and opened the letter and read it... at the bottom of the letter said "Hold on to the letter, I'll be coming back for it...." They looked at each other and smiled and said the three words that meant the whole world to them....

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10 Nov, 2011
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