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Stormy is from BS Bahamas • 13 y/o • Female

If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest? (I swear I'm posting soon)


Your probbaly wondering "Wow, her stories are amazing, I wish I could write them,"
You can.
How you ask?
By doing so!

On to about me!

I'm funny weird likes depressing stuff :D
And LiGHt SkIn

pock someone you hate

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29 Feb, 2020
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Ummmmm Hi.


Welcome, to my page.

The only thing I really do in my free time is watch Youtube, and play roblox.


Sometimes the ps4.

I listen to music when I'm down especially OneRepublic and Clayton Jennings!

CheCk eMmM oUttT

Normally I'm a shy, quiet person.

I wont start a conversation unless you speak first.


Pika pika :3


I love pokemon!

My favorite one is Pikachu!

like duh

I am allergic to the sun *cough* 43 min in the sun or I'm on the ground :>

I get anxious when I'm in or see big crowds and when I see or talk to college kids!

That's all about me!


Welcome to this first Q&A. If your new please read my other stories YEe.

Merch available. Just get a white t-shirt or pullover copy my name or photo, get some parchment paper and iron it on there. BOOM! merch get it from your local printer!!! On to the questions they are from my friends from school and Roblox and some tik tokers who responded!

Q: What inspired you to write these stories?

A: Well Karen, I was just doing my math lesson and, boOm I want to write stories for people who are picky with books like I am. My motto for books are, Don't Judge a book by its cover, judge it by its title. U-U

Q: Did you think you would be semi-famous?

A: Not at all. Never expected this, even though it's hard work I still love it. I get to make people laugh and smile. (●´ω`●)

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: Oof well, it's obviously American Royals. It has a good amount of drama or TEAa anyone needs in their life. I think it's on audible and Barnes & Noble.

Q: Who is your favorite YouTuber?

A: When my friend asked me this question I virtually whacked her. This is hard lmao. I would have to slip this into groups because I watch a variety of YouTube...DAILY. For reaction videos I would say reaction time. Because he's funny realistic and alfredo is adorable. For mukbang I would say Stephanie Soo. She's nice, pretty, and funny. And dan dan (her cousin) is coot. If you don't know the difference between mukbang and asmr well asmr has eating sounds and mukbang has none. My favorite asmrist is Zach Choi. He is amazing with the sounds and it's well put together, and he is also coot. My favorite Gacha life maker is VelvetPaws. And that's it <3

Q: Who is your Favorite singer?


Q: Who is your favorite Singer/Songwriter?

A: Camila Cabello

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