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Outcasts Pt. Whatever I've Lost Count

Outcasts Pt. Whatever I've Lost Count

By 彡丂ȶ๏尺ᄊ!Ɇ彡


I'm not sure what to do in this situation. To be honest, it's a lot of work. Considering I have flowers to sway my crush's half father I'm actually going to pretend I don't see anything.

I won't even say anything, I just put the flowers on the desk, they stare, and I leave.

Perfect. I'm great. I need Niko in my arms and with whatever just happened I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job. Now I just need a way to please the actual dad.

What does Tokyo even like, chocolates?

Or should I tell him what I just saw?

That'll probably be the icing on the cake. But what will I do about Josh?

That's another problem for another day. Storm asked me to watch KoKo because Noah is out of town. Thank you Jesus you just gave me an idea.


Lou walks in the door as I pull out a snack, he looks worried.

"What's up?" I ask, it seems like a normal typical question.

I pop a grape in my mouth and make my way towards him to look at his face. I look at his hazel-blue eyes as I search for answers.

"What are you doing?" he mumbles quietly, "I need to tell you something"

I nod for him to continue.

"I uh saw Josh and Summer doing stuff in the office today."

I study his face, he was suppose to be here an hour ago helping me with stuff. What was he doing at the office?

"What were you doing at the office?"

"Giving flowers to Summer."

"You never looked at Summer the way you looked at me." I said it. I meant to think it. Not say it.

I hug him and bury my face in his chest.

"We can't"

"I know"

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17 Feb, 2023
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1 min
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