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If Love Was a Promise
If Love Was a Promise

If Love Was a Promise

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Zero's POV

Why I asked myself, why do I have to find my partner with a pig noise? Who the hell does that?

I made the pig noise and found my partner.

The person I hate the most.


I groaned, as loud as humanly possible so everyone knows she is the meanest person alive.

Ten Years Ago

“Astrid!” Zero shouted, “My mom is letting me have a sleepover! You wanna come?” she asked batting her light blue eyes.

“Do I ever?” Astrid answered snatching the invitation from her hand.

(like she snatches weave)

~Present day~

Zero’s POV

Being the prettiest girl in school is a full-time job. You have a bunch of cards in the locker waiting for you. The thing is….

I don’t like it.

“Zero!” my best friend shouted, “All the boys are looking for you”

“In the hall.” I finished.

Same place

Same time

After the same class.

Same thing every day.

Now your probably wonder

Well I’m pretty and I don’t get this treatment.


The thing is I’m black with blue eyes.

No eye contacts.

And the harry potter glasses make me look cute to some people.

That’s why Astrid hates me.

Because she was the popular one.

Author Notes: I hope you like the first chapter!

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About This Story
4 Mar, 2020
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1 min
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