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Believing in Love

Believing in Love

By 彡丂ȶ๏尺ᄊ!Ɇ彡

**DISCLAIMER**: I am not trying to offend any faith, religion, or beliefs with this story as it is a work of fiction from a 16-year-old girl. As a Christian, I do not discriminate against anyone who identifies as anything please take this with a grain of salt and enjoy <3.


Two years ago:

Nailea Torres was happy, alive, and full of faith. Her best friend was on a missionary trip in Africa and her long-distance boyfriend was taking a tap, a long day at football practice. With her door closed she was dancing and singing along to her Bruno Mars playlist, Mami said that the 2020s music turned demonic. No 14-year-old catholic girl should be saying so. She didn’t care. She loved the 90s-2010s music, of course, the occasional Micheal Jackson and David Bowe. Mami did allow some Alec Benjamin, Olivia Rodrigo, and Conan Gray here and there.

That all was going to change as Nailea decided to take a break, catch her breath, and check her messages. As she was going through her messages, she got one from her best friend's cousin.


He was dead. Held hostage and killed. Just. Like. That.

She quickly checked the time Zack, her boyfriend, should be wide awake by now its 7 pm practice let out 2 hours ago.

Zack answered his phone immediately, he heard the news it was on almost every station. He couldn’t deal with it though, made up a lame excuse and left Nailea all alone. Some of her distant friends as well.

She didn’t know how to handle the death of her best friend or the loss of her boyfriend. She bottled everything up inside.


This story you’re about to encounter is about finding one’s self. That doesn’t mean the ending is going to be happy. Though it is partly a fiction story, there are gonna be a few slaps in the face because in the end that is simply how the world works. So don’t call me cynical.

This is a story about faith, love, death, and loss.


Megara (Character description Hailey Stienfield):

Megara Vasilios sat awkwardly in her seat, as the couple said their vows. Who knew that dead parents equal living with cool aunt and the first thing they have to attend is a wedding?

Fun times.

Her twin brother, Atlas, sat between her and their Aunt Beck. She glanced down, noticing her scrolling through TikTok. She was jealous, her phone broke in the accident and she didn’t get a new one yet.

“Put that away.” She mumbled to Atlas.

He rolled his eyes, shoving the phone in his pocket and aggressively mumbling curses at her. She didn’t blame him. If she had his liver she’d spend the rest of her life intoxicated too.

After the vows were finished she noticed a girl around her age walk onto the altar. The girl had a chiseled face with a somewhat buttoned nose. Her short reddish-brown hair with wispy bangs framed her face well.

A slight smirk appeared on her face as she saw the small-framed girl walk to the pulpit.

“Good afternoon Church,” the girl had a shy smile, “My name is Nailea Torres I’m the bride's sister and this song is for her and my new brother-in-law.”

“Wanna sneak out for a ciggy?” Atlas whispered in Megara’s ear.

She quickly swatted him away, carefully studying Nailea. The tune to Thinking Out Loud appeared.

Nailea had an angel-like voice, singing with class and confidence. Megara was mesmerized by her.

She wanted her.

Nailea Torres (Physical description: Jenna Ortega):

Nailea sat quietly at her family’s table. The reception was going on its 5th hour and it seemed like even more people were showing up, dropping off their gifts and saying hi. She noticed all the boys from church staring at her.

She hasn’t been out like this since…the incident. There were too many people. She wanted to go home.

She excused herself and made her way to the buffet. Stress eating. She and her therapist couldn’t figure out how to prevent it. So they just organized her meal plan and exercise routine so that she wouldn’t gain or lose weight.

She noticed a boy and a girl standing in the corner. Obviously drunk, but she had never seen them before. Not at church or in town.

She walked up to them and introduced herself.

“Well hello foxy,” the male said quietly, “I’m Atlas highly single Why don’t you give me your number, or snap?”

Nailea studied him quietly, he looked like Zack. She swore off playing guys for junior year but this was the perfect opportunity. She decided to work against the urge.

“Your pants are unzipped, you’re drunk, your breath smells of weed, and you quite literally have a bird's nest in your hair,” she said abruptly while taking out the twigs, “Bother me again and I will call security.”

The girl next to him started laughing silently, gripping her chest.

“You’re so badass,” she smiled “I’m sorry about my brother I’m Megara we just moved here.”

Nailea smiled warmly at her, dragging her away from Atlas. She felt a flirtatious smile come from Megara as she dragged her into a vacated area.

“Your voice is beautiful,” Megara whispered slowly moving closer to Nailea.

Nailea tried not to blush, this feeling wasn’t right. It’s not of God. She just wants a new friend. Thats all.

“Thank you,” Nailea whispered back, “Are you coming to the public school or the private?”

“Public,” Megara loosened the tie on her dark suit before sitting on the table, “Afraid you’ll miss me?”

Nailea’s face turned red as she sat cross-legged in the seat across from Meg. She bit her lip thinking of a response.

Only two people knew about her thoughts, technically one considering the other was dead. Megara was obviously gay, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she let her know her thoughts.

“Just curious,” Nailea answered quietly, “I have a question?”

Megara nodded her head.

“How did you know you..liked girls?”

Megara smirked and sat down on the floor in front of Nailea. She looked into her eyes for a few seconds, noticing her fear and embarrassment.

“Assuming my sexual orientation?” she teased, “Kidding. Are you ashamed whenever you think about it? Like so out of your mind disgusted with yourself you wish you were dead?”

Nailea stared into Meg’s piercing green eyes and nodded.

“You like girls.”

Author Notes: Enjoy because I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with this <3

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