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Outcasts Pt. 10

Outcasts Pt. 10

By 彡丂ȶ๏尺ᄊ!Ɇ彡


Hiding from a professionally trained FBI agent and your own personal bodyguard is not as easy as it seems. Especially when you keep thinking this situation is gonna end up like some pornhub premium video.

I hide in Harper's room.

My dad's room.

Mother room (She wanted to do my makeup I left as soon as I got in)

My other dad's room.

And Nora's room.

I haven't seen Riley or Alex all week since the other situation happened, not at home or on the college campus.

I cringe at the thought of a prince taking my boyfriend away from me.

Not gonna lie if I was Riley I would go with Alex too.

Doesn't make it okay though.

Plus who would want me anyway?

The closest thing I've had to an actual boyfriend is my mom's ex.

And Harper is gorgeous. Her first boyfriend and they're already talking about marriage.

I stare at myself in the mirror and pick myself apart.

Why doesn't anyone love me?

Lucas (It's Noah guys)

I look for Niko everywhere

Why is she avoiding me?

Why is Riley spending so much time with Alex?

All very important questions that need immediate answers after I eat.

Lou walks in the door and sits down with a sigh.

"You okay man?" I ask him, "Did you walk in on Storm and Tokyo this time?"

He glares at me.

"Sorry," I mumble

"I just.. how did you move on?" Lou asks me as tears trickle down his face, "I've tried everything, and nothing working."

I stare at him thinking long and hard.

"You'll find someone and that someone will either make you or break you," Now I'm crying, "and it'll be worse for you if they came out of a bad relationship."

He looks at me and smiles.

"Thanks, man, KoKo sure has a good friend"

I look up to correct him but I see Niko eating a tub of ice cream in tight booty shorts and a sports bra.

"There you are," I tell her, "We need to talk."

I look over to Lou to see him staring intensely at Niko

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About This Story
9 Sep, 2022
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1 min
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