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Secrets Chapter Three
Secrets Chapter Three

Secrets Chapter Three

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Storms POV

As Tokyo and I were walking to History class, we ran into Melanie and her depressed-looking boyfriend.

"Why do you hate me," Mel asked like she was about to slap me.

Correction, if she could.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked her while Tokyo and her boyfriend snorted.

Then her boyfriend, Wally looked me up and down, then sized Tokyo up.

“Hey shortie,” he started, before he could take my hand Tokyo kissed me.

“I’m sorry,” Tokyo started sarcastically, “But this beauty is mine,”

I stuck up the finger to both of them then Tokyo and I walked away.

The next day

Storms POV

Since Tokyo and I bribed the dean of the college into letting him and I share a dorm,

I decided to wear some ripped black skinny jeans with my wedged heel black tennis and my

baseball jersey Tokyo got me.

“All this for me?” Tokyo asked sarcastically referring to my clothes.

“Keep lying to yourself,” I told him as we went to pick up Ashy.

I knocked on her dorm door, but there was no answer.

I knocked again.

Still nothing.

I got the spare key, only Candy, Tokyo and I knew it was under the mat.

When I unlocked the door, I saw Candy and Ashy making out.

“MY SHIP HAS SAILED,” Tokyo and I both shouted.

I guess you can say we get a little crazy sometimes.

But then I heard a noise like a gun shot.

Tokyo got shot.

Author Notes: Thanks for all those who gave me some good ratings!
And to my friends on Roblox-if, they love me- for reading!
Happy Qaurinteen!

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3 Apr, 2020
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