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Secrets Chapter Two
Secrets Chapter Two

Secrets Chapter Two

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Storm's POV

Utah cheating on me again,

I am not hurt.

I knew this day would come.

The ice cream drippings made my hand cold.

I licked my hand then scrolled through my contacts and found Utah.

Turn around

I texted him.

I saw him fumble to get his phone out.

But when he turned around we fumbled and swore when I waved at him.

I mouthed were over and started to head back where Ashy and crazy Melanie were.

I felt relieved and happy.

When I got there I saw Candy and Tokyo.

Well I saw Melanie trying to flirt with Tokyo while Candy was gagging her head off.

When I saw down, on the blanket next to Tokyo -while kicking Melanie away from him- I kissed his cheek as he licked some on my ice-cream.

As soon as I did that Mel's face went white with shame.

I handed Ashy her ice-cream while she and candy shared.

"Where is mine," Melanie asked, with shame, envy, and attitude written on over her.

"If you could afford red bottom heels, Gucci and all the other stuff you buy, you can afford your ice-cream," I told her, as Tokyo licked the ice-cream off my hand.

She raged off the mat almost tripping in her heels.

"Drama Queen," I said as Ashy and Candy left.

Tokyo and I finished our ice-cream, he then pinned me to the ground as we started to make out.

When we gasped for air, I told him Utah and I broke up.

"I'm happy for you Stormy," he told me as he kissed my cheek.

"Soooo, are we official?" I asked him,

Of course, he said yes.

This is college life.

The best life anyone can wish for.

Author Notes: So now I'm just realizing this story is about me-
I feel so special!
You guys know what to do!

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2 Apr, 2020
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