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Believing in Love

Believing in Love

By 彡丂ȶ๏尺ᄊ!Ɇ彡 - 1 Review

Megara climbed the tree to Nailea’s house. It had been a few months since the wedding. To put things simply she had gotten attached to Nailea. To put things more complex, she was still very much infatuated with her. To Nailea’s family, except her sister, Megara was only Nai’s best friend.

However, to Megara’s Aunt and brother, Nailea was her crush.

Nailea hadn’t mentioned what she asked Meg the night of the wedding. Nor did she mention their almost kiss. But they almost kiss every time they’re together. Did it confuse Meg? More than anything.

But she was willing to do everything for Nailea.


She and Nailea sat quietly on her balcony outside as Meg smoked her cigarette. Megara studied her face as she took her notebook from her overnight bag.

“It was nice of your parents to let me spend the weekend while they’re away.” Megara broke the silence as she began to draw Nailea, “You never told me why you’re so closed off.”


Nailea stopped in her movements and closed her eyes.

“I don’t talk about it.”

Megara bit her lip before moving next to Nailea, placing her head on her shoulder.

“Why not princess?” Megara bit back a smile, “You know I have no place to judge.”


“When I found out my best friend died I told my boyfriend and he ghosted me.” Nailea sighed.

Megara shot up quickly, she didn’t know what to do or say. She kissed Nailea’s cheek and murmured her condolences. They sat in silence for a few minutes. Neither of them knew what to say or do. Megara held Nailea against her chest, caressing her cheeks while staring at her.

“My parents died in a car accident,” Megara whispered while taking her sweatshirt off to reveal her scars, “Atlas and I were in the backseat.”

Megara’s cheeks turned red, She didn’t remember she only had a bra on, but she felt Nailea staring at everything but her scars.


Nailea couldn’t move her eyes down to where the scars were. Everything was so perfect. A slight contour on the torso where her abs could be seen, a somewhat hourglass body, and her…melons were perfect medium size.

Nailea moved on Megara’s lap and kissed her. She didn’t know why..well she knew why but…she didn’t know why. You know? She felt Megara kiss her back passionately as her hands moved to her waist. Megara tasted like honey and cigarettes. Her mouth opened slightly, allowing Nailea’s tongue to slip in as she picked her up and started to carry Nai to her bedroom.

“Such a good girl,” Meg whispered still kissing Nai aggressively before laying her on the bed.

Megara took her hair tie out before creating an infinity symbol. She then slipped it between the poles on the bed frame and gently put Nailea’s hand in each hole.

Nailea blushed heavily. She knew should stop but, she didn’t want to. She wanted Megara to make her feel good, she wanted her badly. Nai felt her heart racing fast, she never felt this way with Zack she never wanted something so badly in her whole life. It felt right.



Megara quickly took her bra and pants off before slowly unbuttoning Nailea’s flannel and lifting her shirt up.

“Tell me to stop and I will.” Megara stared her Nailea’s bare chest before meeting her gaze.

“Don’t” Nailea whispered.

Megara smiled, kissing Nailea passionately again. She tasted like strawberries.

Megara started to undo her pants.


“Shhh, Nailea, I want you,” Megara whispered.

Nailea nodded. She was in a daze as Megara slid her hands at her core.

She breathed in, she didn’t know what to do. Megara let go of her soft skin and softly bit down on her neck.

“Careful” Nailea moaned.

Megara pulled her pants off, revealing a tight pink thong. Megara’s arms ran through Nailea’s hair as their tongues playfully brushed against one another.

Megara moaned, pushing Nailea onto the bed.


Megara started to rub Nailea’s clit. Nailea felt her body move closer to her.

Nailea let out a sigh.

Megara moved her fingers, slowly. She softly touched Nailea’s lips.

“Megara!” Nailea gasped, while Megara slid her fingers into her.

Megara stopped.


"Do you not want to anymore?"

“No, you’re perfect,” Nailea whispered, "I think you're going too fast"

Megara’s face turned red as she nodded. She kissed Nailea gently before untying her and placing her on her lap.

“How about this love?” Megara whispered before kissing Nailea’s breasts, “If you want my hand back there just move it.”

Author Notes: I hope you guys made it through this one, hope it wasn't too rough. Just want to say thank you to those who read the first one and the guy who recommended it.

Later <3

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13 Sep, 2023
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