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Outcasts PT. 12

Outcasts PT. 12

By 彡丂ȶ๏尺ᄊ!Ɇ彡


I stare at Niko's freckled face as she sleeps peacefully next to me.

Nothing steamy happened.

We just said I love you to each other about a million times.

I kiss her gently as she stirs in her sleep.

A moan escapes her soft, thick lips.

"Good morning," she mumbles softly still trying to find her surroundings.

She climbs onto of me and buries her head into my neck.

"Hi baby," she whispers softly and smiles, "I want you." Niko starts to kiss my neck and jawline.

I smile and grab her ass.

"Good morning mí amor"

I prop myself up on the bed and pull her close to me.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

She nods and starts to undo my pants.


I kiss him everywhere I could possibly kiss him and taken his clothes off slowly.

Why didn't I realize this before?

Someone who actually wants me. All of me.

This isn't just sex. It's love.

This is where I loose my virginity.

Because it's real. It's like a covenant.

And I want all of him .


I'm having sex with everyone I possibly could. I'm Making out with summer on my desk in the office.

With a random person I meet in the bar and every living soul I lay my hands upon.

Summer walks into my room, and sits on my lap.

"Atleast try to be subtle," I say while kissing her.

Just then the door opens and Lou walks in with flowers.

Author Notes: Hiii gyysss

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About This Story
9 Oct, 2022
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1 min
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