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One Night With a Call Girl

One Night With a Call Girl

By SubashAnjuru - 1 Review

"Hello....who is this??", an authoritative voice of a female was heard from the other end.
"I...I have seen your ad on a website...", I replied her with a shaky voice.
"ok. Is this your WhatsApp number??", her voice turned a bit softer
"Yes...", I replied her calmly
"I will send you some profiles. Select one and let me know.", she offered casually
"ok.", I replied her and thought, "Wait a minute. Is it that easy?!" _______________________________________________________________
I had seen in many of the news channels how people were caught red-handed by the police and how the media pointed their cameras on people's faces in order to expose them. It could be a trap by the police itself, listing ads on the internet and you are caught once you have clicked the bait. I had my doubts and fears, and they were stronger. Despite that, I switched on my mobile internet and saw some whatsapp notifications from an unknown number. There were a bunch of photographs. I scrolled through them and my eyes stopped at one of those. ______________________________________________________________

"Hello!!!", I called the lady back
"Ya. Tell me. Have you seen the profiles?"
"So, which one did you like?"
"Third one from the top. The one with brown eyes.", I replied her.
"Hmm..good choice. But she is a bit expensive".
"How much?"
"20k for two hours."
"I am fine with that. Will come down for two hours."
"Sure. Will book her for you. Come to Grand-west Park hotel by 10:00 PM and give me a call. Will be waiting. Bye..", she was about to cut the call..
"Hey....wait...........are you there?"
"Yeah..Tell me.."
"Is it safe?", I asked her doubtfully.
"Of course it is safe. Unless you don’t wear your safety. If you understand what I mean. Cannot guarantee your safety without that...hahah..", she joked.
"N..No...I mean..this is my first time. Is the place safe?" , I told her exactly what I had meant.

"Dear. We are into this for the past 8 years and let me tell you. There is no other safer place in this city. We keep your entire trip a hush hush. Not even the girl whom you selected knows who you are.", she sounded a professional.
"ohh.. Okay...", I felt somewhat relieved.
"Don't worry yaar. I’ve got you covered. And I don’t cheat my customers. Take my word for it.", she re-assured.
"I will be there within the specified time. Thank you. Bye.."
"Sure. Bye..will be waiting for your call..", she said and hung up the call.
I took my bath and got ready. Put on my deo which I use very rarely. I still didn’t believe what was going on. Everything felt like a dream and was happening quickly. But then, I thought, from where did I get this courage? I was not brought up like this? I just belong to an upper-middle class family with traditional values. A simple guy committed to his job. I’ve told my parents that there was an important meeting at office and I had to go. Meeting on a weekend? That too at night? ...They grew suspicious for some time but then they couldn't say anything because I was a grown up man of 29 years. I told them lies. Without hesitating a bit. Cause I wanted this to happen and I had very little guilt in my mind. I drove my car to the hotel the lady had mentioned. Reached there exactly an hour late because of traffic and called her up from the parking lot. ________________________________________________________________________

"Hello..I am here..."
"What took you so long?", she questioned me back

"Traffic..Sorry I am late.."

"Because of you I had to hold her. I couldn't book her night appointment."
"Sorry. But I’ve told you its traffic. I started at the same time but got struck. Now please do not disappoint me.", I asked her with a pleasing tone.
"hmm..I won’t. But please book her for full night so that we won’t be at loss.", she suggested
"I am not sure if I can meet your budget.", I replied her
"Not much. Give me 8k more. Now go to the lobby of the hotel. From there take the elevator and go to the restro bar in the second floor. I will tell you where to go from there."
"Okay...", I agreed and hung up the call.
_____________________________________________________________________________ I got out of my car. Took my bag out, moved into the hotel lobby and walked towards the lift. I walked straight through the lobby and didn’t meet my eyes with anybody. Entered into the lift, pressed the second floor button and the lift moved up. I arrived at the second floor, moved into the restro bar and sat on one of the many empty tables. The restaurant was almost empty at that time. It was 11pm when I arrived at the hotel. I was looking around and saw a person staring at me, some four tables away. I looked away and some moments later, looked back at him again and observed that he made a quick call to someone. My fear had aroused and my heart started to pound. The very next moment, my mobile rang and it fell down from my hand as its vibration shocked me. I picked it up quickly and saw that it was the lady.
_____________________________________________________________________________ "Hey..."
"H..Hi..", I replied in a fearful tone
"Now go to the seventh floor in the elevator. I will be there on call with you.", she said.

As the elevator was moving up, I asked her, "A person was looking at me suspiciously in the bar. Do you know him?"
"oh. you observed him? He is one of us. Sorry we have to suspect even the customers. He signaled me that you are clean to go.", she answered
"ohh..", I was relieved a bit again knowing that he was one of their own.
"Don’t worry about it. You are in safe hands. Have you reached?"
"Ya. I am in the 7th floor."
"Now go to the room 708 and knock the door exactly once. I will ask her to open the door for you.", she said and hung up the call.
______________________________________________________________________________ I knocked the door exactly once as she had told me and waited there. As I was waiting, I observed another guy on call knocking another room door at some distance, in the same way. I took my eyes away from him back to the door as I heard the sound of its knob rotate. At that instance, there were a million thoughts running fast in my head and one of them was a dominating thought that there could be police behind the door ready to arrest me. I was in a dilemma whether to stay there or run away. But I couldn't decide anything. I couldn't move from there and soon the door had opened completely. To my surprise, I saw a beautiful damsel with brown eyes smiling at me and inviting me inside with her sweet gesture. Her smile had caused my fear to lose its intensity and gradually, it turned into calmness. She had put on her dark eyeliner and her brown eyes were looking dangerously deep as if they could pull you inside very easy. As I was hypnotized for a brief moment, I was pulled back by the call from the lady..

"Hello..", I picked up the call and I was calm.

"Hi.. did she open the door for you?"
"Yes. I am in."
"Good. Please transfer the amount and you can go ahead. I have sent you the account details."
I transferred the amount she stated and confirmed her. She smiled and said, "Thank you. Have a sweet night.." and hung up.
______________________________________________________________________________ I placed my mobile on the table beside the bed and I lied down on the bed as I was feeling tired after the long drive. The TV was switched on and some movie was being played in it. After a moment, I turned my head towards the girl who was sitting beside me. She was watching the movie and giggling away to its fun scenes. After couple of moments, she observed that I was looking at her. She looked back at me and smiled.
______________________________________________________________________________ "What’s your name?", I smiled back at her and asked. But she didn’t reply.
"Where are you from?", I asked her again and still she didn’t answer.
"So, you don’t talk?", I asked her surprisingly.
"Is the transaction done?" she replied.
"Yeah. It’s done. I have already sent her the message."
"If you want you can call her and confirm.", I suggested.

She picked her phone, called the lady and got the confirmation. Looked back at me and said, "I am sorry but I am not supposed to talk until the transaction is done. So, was not answering you." "Oh!? I didn’t know that. This is my first time.", I responded.
"Oh...I see.."
"So, tell me what’s your name?", I repeated the same question.
"Alia..", she answered
"Nice name. And your last name?"
"Bhatt..", she replied holding her smile back.
"Yeah. Alia Bhatt.."
"Oh..Aliah Bhatt..hahah...I understand... So I am with Alia Bhatt.. Great.." , I knew that it was not her real name.
"And you are?", she asked me back
"Well, if you are Alia, then I am Varun..Nice pair you see..", I replied her on lighter note and asked her, "And you are from?"
" came here from poona..?"
"Not really. I came from Mumbai. My parents stay in Poona. I told them that I do some job in Mumbai.", she replied casually.

"Oh..and this is that job?", I asked
"Yeah.", she replied gloomily and turned her head back to the tv.
I observed that her smile slowly faded away from her face. I couldn't see her face completely as it was covered from the sides by her burgundy colored hair. Her eyes, her curves, her dress, her attitude, she was looking so pretty that I couldn't stop myself from stretching my hand towards hers and holding it. She looked back at me, held my hand tighter, pulled me closer beside her and asked, "And you are from here?"
"Y..Yeah.." I replied her, completely losing myself to her beauty. I could smell her faded perfume and it acted on me like a drug.
"You want to get fresh?", she asked me and I couldn’t concentrate on her question. But I heard the last word "fresh" and replied,
"..No I am not..I was in a relationship before... so..."
"I didn't get you? ", she smiled.
I controlled myself and asked, "sorry...what did you ask me?"
"I asked you whether you want to freshen up. Have a shower?"
"Ohh.. sorry.. I thought you were asking me whether I am a know ..fresh as in virgin.."
"Haha...Nooo yaar.... why would I ask that? :)", she hit me on my hand and I smiled at my silly answer. I couldn’t turn my head from her. After some brief moments of silence, she asked me, "So, you want to start now?"
I was still admiring her beauty and replied, "I am a bit tired now. Can we do it after some time?"

"Of course. No hurries. We have the whole night. This is the advantage of booking for whole night.", she replied.
She held my hand with both her hands and started pressing my fingers and palm and it made me feel relaxed.
"So, what do you do?", she asked me.
"Me? I am a software professional..... Do they come here?"
"oh yeah..many..this city has lots of them I guess."
"So, this doesn't happen at your place?"
"I mean you came all the way here. Doesn't this work happen in your city?"
"Yeah. It happens there too. It happens almost everywhere.", she smiled.
"So, why are you working here?"
"I had few bad experiences there. So, I was sent here."
"What happened?"
She took her hand away from me, pulled up her sleeve and showed me. There were some burnt marks, few of those were still unhealed. I looked at those marks and asked, "What marks are these?"
"Cigarettes. The guys have drugs and they have no control. They beat and do all these things."

"Damn them, how could they hurt this beautiful girl?", was the first thought that occurred in my mind and I felt a bit down. She observed that and asked, "Acha Varun, yeh batao. Khana khaye ho kya?"
"", I replied.
"Shall we order something? I am a bit hungry..", she asked placing her hand on her stomach. "Sure. Can we order from here?"
"Yeah. Here’s the menu. You tell me what you want to eat. I will order. Once the hotel staff brings the food, you just have to go inside the washroom."
"Sorry yaar..It’s because your name is not registered at the reception. They might check and complain...So, what do you want me to order?"
"Today's saturday so I don’t eat non-veg."
"Ok. Will order some veg food. Rotis and curry. Fine with you?"
"Yeah I will have some from whatever you order.", I replied.
The food arrived after a while and I did what she had told me. She opened the washroom door after the staff left and said, "Sorry..the food is here..come.."
She served the food on a plate and offered me, then she served herself, came and sat beside me and said, "Have it.." and started watching some comedy show on TV and was laughing innocently at those silly jokes. I took a bite of the roti along with the curry and couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. I was smiling within myself. She observed me after a moment and asked, "What are you staring at?", with raised eyebrows. I just smiled back at her and nodded my head saying nothing.

"How’s the food? Acha nahi laga?" she asked me
"It’s fine. Anything is fine at this time.", I replied.
"Hmm...Its good actually...", she continued having the food.
"So, do you study? .." I continued the conversation
"Yeah..I completed my graduation and pursuing my MBA now.."
"Ohh..okay...that’s this is just a part-time. Is it vacation time?"
"Arre no..I do long-distance study. No college. This is my full-time."
As we were about to complete the dinner, she got a call. She looked at the number, looked back at me and asked, "Please, can I take this call for ten minutes?"
"Yeah. Go ahead..", I agreed.
I could hear her speak these words over the phone, (Yeah..Had my food. Yeah ..Im fine..haha feeing jealous? No baby. I like you, the way you talk to me. I am impressed. Yeah. I will come to your home, meet your mom, explain everything and take her permission for living together..okay baby? Acha..okay..)
While she was talking, she looked at me and gestured that the person at the other end was doing blah blah, and that made me smile. Finally after 12 minutes, she hung up the phone..
"Baap re..this guy just ate my head. phone rakhne ka naam hi nahi leta.."
"Who was he? Your boyfriend?" I asked her
"Arre nahin. Don’t tell anyone. But he is my agent."

"And he has fallen in love with you?"
"Haan..Seems he has seen my pics and from that day he is after me. He wants me to meet his mom and .."
"Shaadi karna chahtha hain?"
"Haan...kehta hain, You don’t have to do this anymore. I have lot of property. I will name that on you. Meet my mom and we will get married soon.."
"So, you are going to marry him?"
"Nahin yaar. Not him."
"Why? It’s a good thing right? You don’t have to do this anymore."
"No. I have a picture of the guy I would like to love. And I am sure this guy is not the one."
"But you were agreeing with him on call?"
"Yeah..I have a good reason for that..."
"And that reason would be?"
"I want to buy a flat in Mumbai. I will go with him, stay for some time, somehow get his property on my name, just do some drama and leave him."
Hearing her reply, I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sad for her. I asked her, “don’t you feel that’s risky? Don’t you think he would find out or something? And do you think he would leave you after that?", I asked these questions which she was supposed to ask herself.
"Hmm..But I want myself a home. I know that it’s risky. But will see how this goes."

We both fell silent and I could observe some confusion going on in her head from the look on her face.
After a while, she held my hand, came closer, looked into my eyes and asked, " you want to do it now?"
I thought for a moment and said, "..Yeah.."
She knelt on the bed, brought me up close to her. I placed my arms around her waist, closed my eyes and tried to kiss her on her lips. She immediately turned her head aside. I thought that she was shy and tried to kiss her again, but again she refused. I observed this and asked,
"What happened!!!?"
"Sorry. No kissing.", she replied.
"No kissing? But why?"
"Cause I don’t like it."
"But they do kiss, right?"
"And why don’t you kiss?"
"See, you kiss only when you love someone. Not everyone.", she revealed.
"But I cannot get into the mood without kissing. I cannot directly jump into it...", I tried to explain myself to her..
"But you came here for that only.", she reverted back

"No....I ... I was expecting that I would get..... " , I couldn't complete the sentence I had started.. "..that you would get love??.." she completed it for me and continued, "Hmm..nahin yaar. You have come to the wrong place. It’s not something you could just buy from some store.."
I got utterly disappointed with what she had said. She had shattered the very purpose I was there for. I went there to replace the love that I had long lost. I was cheated by the one I loved and I was broke. So broke that I had lost my belief in love itself. I felt that it was all about pleasure between the couples and nothing more than that. And I wanted to prove myself right. But this girl was proving me wrong. I took myself away from her, moved back and sat down on the bed, dejected. She observed my disappointment and also my tears which, I tried hard to control and pull back to where they came from. She came closer to me, hugged me hard and kissed me on my ear and smiled at me.
I smiled back at her and said, "You have brown eyes? They are charming."
"Hmm...not exactly..only one brown eye. Different colors. See..", she came closer to my face so that I could observe her eyes clearly.
"Oh..yeah.. And this?", I touched a small black mole that was there, just under her lower lip. "That's beauty spot. And its original..." she giggled..
"Hmm..ofcourse it is. You look more beautiful with that.."
" friends tell me the same. So, you are just going to talk or do something?”, she kissed me on my forehead and offered herself to me innocently, and I got dragged mercilessly into her. I lost myself to her and she gave herself to me and we both forgot where we were. It was the most beautiful experience I had ever felt and I mean that. I felt that my purpose was lost completely. After all, it was not just about pleasure. She made that clear for me. But could I name what she did for me as...

"Can I have a smoke, please?", she requested me, pulling me out from my thoughts.
"Sorry. Not allowed." I replied casually.
"Pls pls. It’s my habit.", she pleaded with her innocence and I couldn’t reject her.
She lighted her cigarette, looked at me and said, "You were very good yaar..."
"Hmm..I know..But what I want to know is, why you are into this?"
She looked at me with a half-smile but didn’t say anything.
"Sorry.." I apologized. "That’s a personal question. Never mind.."
"Nahin yaar..that’s okay.."
"Were you forced into this?"
"Nope." she replied and after a brief pause, she continued...
"I was in need of money. So, I asked my friend and she gave me. After few days, I asked her again and then she suggested me this work if I wanted to spend lavishly."
"Spend lavishly, you mean shopping?"
"Yeah. Shopping. I love shopping. Brands. I am addicted to them. High lifestyle. I wanted that kind of life and so I am into this. I am into this on my own and not by somebody's force. That is all there is."
"But your parents?"

"They doesn’t know about all this. They are under impression that I am doing some job in Mumbai. For them I am just a burden. As long as I send them money, they don’t care where I am and what I am doing.."
", this is all? You do it for money, for buying things?"
"Hmmm...ab gyan baatna shuru karoge kya? Remember that you too have come here for me..", for the first time I saw her irritated.
"....I am sorry to ask about your life. And I am not getting into whether you are doing right or wrong morally. I wouldn't be here if I am a guy with that sort of mindset. But don't you feel it’s not safe for you to do this?"
"Yeah..I do feel that this is risky.. I know it’s risky. But it’s my choice. I wanted to live the way I wanted."
"But is it worth it? How does it feel to be in these closed hotel rooms waiting for some strangers to knock at your door all the time?", I questioned her.
"To tell you the truth, it feels scary. I do feel scared. But guys coming to hotel is safer than me going to their place. That happens too. They could be some psychos as well. I encountered a few. They beat me and some force me to take drugs as well."
Hearing her reply, I fell silent...after a brief pause,..."And yet you want to continue this?"
There was no answer from her..
"And may I know why do you feel somewhat safer here?"
"Cause this is my hotel. I am their guest and you are not. Your name is not registered and I can throw you out with just a phone call to the reception."

"Ohh..gulp..", I was taken back into reality that I was in a hotel room and not in some coffee shop.
She continued, "Hmm...don’t worry. It’s just a safety measure. But I am scared about my agent now. I have to talk to my broker and explain her about this. Not sure how to handle him. If I reject him, it’s not going to be good. He has big contacts and he might harm me as well. He did it to some others."
"This is insane. Don't you think? You don’t know what you have gotten yourself into, just for money. And, don’t you feel suffocated in these hotel rooms? There isn’t even a breath of fresh air here......" I expressed my concern for her. I held her hand, looked straight into her eyes and spoke confidently, "..look here Alia, this is not life. And the high lifestyle you are after is not life either...".
"Really? ..tell me what is life then, according to you?", she asked me a question for which I had no definite answer. I fell silent and after a brief pause, I replied, "I don’t know. I feel the same way at my workplace too. Suffocated. But I always wanted to run away. To some far-off place. To some mountains. High atop. Where there is no more suffocation. Live my life there. Just me, calmness and fresh air. And nobody should know about my whereabouts as well...", I looked her sheepishly as I spoke these words.
She looked at me with a blank face and burst into a sudden laughter and said, "Haha.. Running away to the mountains? Nobody knows where you are? That’s the silliest thing I have ever heard..hahaha.."
I didn’t smile a bit and was angry. She looked at me, controlled her laughter and asked, "But I see that you have taken a detour from the mountains and ran away to this place?"
"My mind's gotten better of me... I feel more suffocated in here.", I replied her

"Hmm...So, you feel life is out there, on the mountains?"

"Ya..I feel that all the time."
"Are you sure?", she asked me with a smile.
"Now I am...", I nodded my head in strong agreement
She looked at me smiled and asked..." How about running away to the mountains with your girlfriend? You mentioned that you are in a relationship?"
"I was, I said. She cheated me with some other guy. It was a 6 year long relationship and it broke like hell..."
"And that is the reason which brought you here?", she found out.
I looked away from her, hiding my tears and didn't reply her. After a moment, I looked back at her and asked, "And you? Did you love someone?" and she replied, "Yeah..I did..He had beautiful eyes and I fell for them. But he was already married. Got to know this after 3 long years and everything was over. All I am left with is a broken heart. I lost my faith in love. It’s all about pleasure now, either from a person or from a thing, it doesn't matter.."
Her reply struck me like a lightning. There she was right in front of me, my own self. I was just looking at myself in a mirror. I regained myself and asked, "And that brought you into this? " She didn’t reply me either and fell silent. There was a long silence between us and all we could hear was the noise from the tv. And then she broke the silence by grabbing my hand and asking me the obvious question, "So,...You want to do it again, Mr. Varun?"
I looked at her with my blurred eyes, smiled and replied, "Sanjay.. My name's Sanjay..And I just want to leave from here..I am sorry.."
"Really? Are you sure?", she verified again.

I nodded my head in agreement, got up from the bed, and got myself ready to leave. She was there looking at me in silence, all the while I was preparing to leave from there. I picked up my bag, rushed towards the door, turned its knob and opened it to leave, but stopped there, turned back, walked back to her quickly, hugged her hard and kissed her on her forehead. Looked into her eyes and said, "..Bye Alia.."
"Meenal..", she replied back calmly and handed me my phone which I forgot to take..
I smiled and said, "..Bye..." and left from there without looking back..
I had felt this whole thing like a dream when it started. I wanted this incident to remain like that. Just a dream. But I have seen something in her eyes when I kissed her on her forehead at the time I bid her farewell. Yeah..Her colored eyes were drenched but she held onto her tears. I couldn't. She had been carrying the same pain. Pain of a loved one's loss. A heart-break. The reason she was doing that work was not for living a lavish life. Her reason was the pain in her heart. The same that I feel right now. She made me realize that. And I am not sure whether I made her realize the same. But I wish that beautiful angel be released from her pain, soon. It has been three months since this happened and I got busy with my life. But those brown, tear filled eyes haunted me back and I wanted to see them again.
_____________________________________________________________________________ "Hello..."
" are you? Long time my friend.."
"Good. Thanks.."
"Need somebody for tonight? We have got some good profiles."

"There are new profiles. You will like them. Let me send them to you.."
"No..Alia pls.."
"Sorry..She is not available.."
"Is she going with somebody else tonight?"
"Why don’t you see others?"
"I want to see Alia.."
"Can you just not talk about that b****?"
"Cause she is gone..."
"Gone??!! You mean..she is dead?!"
"Are you crazy? What are you talking? She is not seen. Nobody knows where she went. It’s like she is gone. Poof. You understand? "
"She might have gone back home?"
"No. I sent my guys there. She is not at her home too..God knows where she is. And most of the clients want her. What do I do now? Just leave her yaar. We have girls who are more beautiful than her. Shall I send you the profiles?"
"Hmm...Not now...maybe later...Thanks...", I hung up the phone and smiled within myself. That girl had freed herself. She had the courage and I knew that she would do something to get herself out from there. I didn’t know where she went and I didn’t want to know that either. I was just happy to know that she freed herself from that prison.
______________________________________________________________________________ A month later....
______________________________________________________________________________ "Sir, you got a post." our apartment watchman handed it over to me. It was a post card and it had the scenery of some mountains. I turned it back and found something that filled my heart with happiness. It was a sketch of heart with an arrow ripping past through it and within which it was written, "Alia loves Varun.." and there was the address written on it.......the location being,..........Himachal......
*************************A New Beginning****************************** ___________________________________________________________________________
Written By,
Subash Anjuru

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