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Rachel Elizabeth

17 y/o

"See how the world could be, in spite of the way that it is" -Hadestown


wanna know what I'm into at the moment? of course you do, well here you are my friends

current favorite musical: Hadestown (Highly Recommend!)

I'm currently reading: The Stormlight Archive series (hazel_basil told me to read them and they are AMAZING)

current favorite song: Unsaid Emily from Julie and the Phantoms

(If you are reading this you are my favorite reader shh don't tell the others)

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22 Oct, 2021
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Hey Besties! Welcome to my lovely page :)

I go by many names but here you can call me Rachel Elizabeth

If you love broadway, reading, or a good personal dance party (or any combination of those sorts of things) we should get along just fine :P

my current favorite piece of adivce- "It is better to adjust your life to someone's absence than to adjust your boundaries to accommodate their disrespect." -wise person on the internet :P

I love getting feedback on my writings, if there are ways I can improve or things I do that you like, tell me!

Make good choices darlings! Reach out if you need anything, I'm always here for you guys



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