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penquin_feetRachel Elizabeth
4 Reviews

Maybe I'm just childish, but one of my favorite things to do outside is to make a flower crown. In my eyes, it is the perfect example of natural beauty. Each crown has flaws and imperfections, but no one cares because putting one on still has the power to make you feel mystical, beautiful, and perfect. I crown myself in the florals and proceed to pull off all the petals on the leftover flowers I picked. On each petal, I make a wish. I know it sound silly. If you saw it, you'd probably think to yourself, what is that crazy girl doing ruinning the pretty flowers? But I love the feeling of pulling off each individual petal and scattering them in a messy little circle around myself. My wishes are all next to impossible. I will never have the perfect life I wish for on each petal. And just like the petals, my wishes will eventually shrivel up and rot away into the dirt. But that doesn't matter to me, because there is always another flower, another stem of new hope to pry up from it's roots and turn into something beautiful. So I will keep wishing and killing innocent flowers, because maybe someday, the petals won't die.

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Rachel Elizabeth
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7 Mar, 2022
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