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The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #1

The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #1

By WannabeArora - 7 Reviews

"Don't worry 'bout it Nik." My best friend says as she looks through the racks of clothes. We are at the mall for the fourth time this week trying to find a cute dress to wear to the 8th grade masquerade formal. "Tomorrow, when we go to the dance, he'll see what he has lost. He's stupid, and aren't you crushing on Chase?"
   "No!" I can tell my face is turning red! God, that's embarrassing. Oh who am I kidding Grace knows me too well. She gives me a disapproving look. "Well, maybe." We look at each other for a few seconds and then start laughing. "Ok, fine. Lets find a stupid dress to go with that stupid mask so we can leave." She sticks her tongue at me and we giggle again. My mask is a pretty blue-green color. In a few hours of nothing going our way, Grace finds a dress that goes great with the mask. It kind of looks like a flower. At the top it's a light green then it goes into a blue and they blend in the middle. It's a strapless and is knee length. I found some nice silver flats to go with it. "Perfect! I can't wait till tomorrow!"  
"I'm so excited! We should go find my dad and get you home so we can get beauty rest. We still have school tomorrow." Grace says
    "Oh yeah that's right. Dang that sucks, but your right lets go." We finally find Grace's dad. He's sitting in the rest area.
    "You girls ready?" He asks.
    "I hope so." I say with a smile, and we head to the car.
     About an hour later I was in my room. I'm ready for bed, but mentally still thinking about Gabe. My ex-boyfriend. I hate that term, it makes me sad. we had two years of what I thought was love. I was wrong, it wasn't even close. I hope Grace is right about tomorrow. For now I just lay in my bed staring at the ceiling. Finally sleep takes over.

      When I wake I have a huge smile on my face. I don't know why, but I'm the happiest person ever. I get ready for school and eat my breakfast. Today I decided to stay simple, so I'm just wearing jeans and a T-shirt and my favorite converse. When I say good-bye to my mom she takes my face in her hands and looks at me. "You look so much like your father. I love you. He would be so proud of you. Bye sweet-pea, have a great day."
    "Bye mom. Love you too." My good mood is gone. As I walk to the bus stop I think about my dad. My dad was in the Military. He died in combat when I was four. Whenever my mom talks about him it makes me really sad. She never really recovered from his death, but I had all my friends to help. My mom only has me.
    When I get to the bus stop Grace is there like she always is. We always sit together walk together. Basically when it comes to school we are attached at the hip. "Hey."
    "Hey. Excited?" Grace asks
    "Did your mom bring up your dad again?"
    "Yeah. She's so depressing."
    "At least she still has you." Grace says as she hugs me. Grace lost her mom when she was seven. You can see why we're best friends. I mean we have so much in common. "I'm glad I have you at least. if that makes you feel any better."
    "Thanks Grace." The bus rolls up and we get on. when we take our seat Grace pulls out her book, as usual, and I put in my head phones and lean my head against the window and look at the red-ish clouds. Why does middle school start so early! All of a sudden I get nervous. It might be from the dance or from anticipation of seeing and ex-boyfriend. I don't know, but I do know that I'm nervous and tired.
    We get to the school, Grace and I head for homeroom. When we get there I see Chase, our eyes meet and I can't seem to look away until Grace grabs my arm and drags me to my seat. I still have that feeling that someone is staring at me in the back of my head, so turn and look in his direction, and right when I catch his eye he turns his head. His eyes are bright green with a hint of blue, and he has light brown hair that is cut short. He's amazing in so many ways. I don't know what to think. Today is a "B" day so he is only in homeroom with me. But when the bell rings for first block I catch his eye one more time smile, nod, and walk away.  Hoping that my eyes will be etched in his memory.
    After school Grace comes to my house to get ready for the dance. Turns out she's better at hair and fashion and I'm better at make-up and nails. Grace does this perfect braided up-do for me, and she decided to wear her hair half up half down, she said it goes better with her dress.  We are ready, perfect, and head for the dance and now I'm really nervous.
    When we get there its already packed with people in masks. I can barely tell who anyone is. Grace and I get our picture taken and dance before the pizza is served. I go get a slice for Grace because I'm not very hungry and on my way back I bump someone's arm. "Sorry."
    "It's cool. Can I ask who you are?"
    "Nicole. You?"
    "Chase. You're in my homeroom right."
    "Yeah I think we had a staring contest this morning. I totally won." Really! Did I really just say that!?!?
    "Yeah 'bout that...." He says with an embarrassed laugh. Then almost right on time the music goes slow. Wait this is a middle school dance I'm 50 percent sure only a few of us know how to slow dance. Luckily I do. He's looking at me again. "You want to dance?"
    "Uh...y....yes." I'm so awkward. I give Grace her pizza and run to find Chase. When I find him I smile and so does he. I walk up to him and he puts his hands on my hips. I hesitate, but I put my hands around his neck, and pull him closer. "You smell good." I put my hand over my mouth to shut myself up, but it's too late I blow it. He probably thinks I'm a weirdo. Instead he laughs and moves a stray hair from my face.
    "Thanks. You don't smell too bad yourself." He says with a laugh. "You're beautiful."
    "I'm wearing a mask."
    "I know, but your hazel eyes compliment your auburn hair. I could stare at you for hours. Does that sound weird?"
    "No. I mean yes, But its romantic, so no." Face palm!
    "I think you have a stalker." He says looking behind us. I turn around to find Gabe staring at us. Of course he's to cool to wear a mask. Great. He start walking towards us and I feel Chase tense. I turn to look at him, but he doesn't look scared more like pissed. "Is that your ex?
    "Good, take off your mask."
    "What? why?"
    " 'cause" Yeah I know what he's thinking. It's not smart not even close. Chase and Gabe are close in size and of equal strength they might end up killing each other. Then again Chase is hot, so I take my mask off and turn around to look at Gabe. As expected, Chase gently puts his hand on the back of my neck and with his other hand guides my face to look at his. He leans in and kisses me so gently, when his lips touch mine it feels like butterflies all the way down my spine, my head is swimming and I feel like I'm flying. Let me tell you he's amazing at this. I feel like we are the only two people in the world and nothing else matters. 
Then Gabe grabs my arm and pulls back as if to protect me.
 "Big mistake." I hadn't realized until just now that a crowd had formed. "I'm going to hurt you." Gabe says with a sly smile.
 "Try me!" Chase says with a cool tone.
 "Guys this is ridiculous. Stop!" Gabe swings and Chase dodges. Chase grabs the back of Gabe's neck and pushes him to the ground. Gabe hits the his nose on the ground and it instantly starts bleeding. "Chase!"
 "What!?!? The guys a jerk!" Chase picks Gabe up dusts him off. Brings him over to me bloody nose and all. "What do you have to say for yourself Gabe?"
 "Nicole I'm sorry. Breaking up with you was the stupidest thing I have ever done and I totally regret it. But right now I think you have bigger issues." Gabe brushes Chase's hand off and walks away holding his nose.
 "God, Chase." I feel like I'm going to explode. Where did Grace go?
 "I'm sorry." Chase said grinning. The music starts again. I hadn't even noticed it going off. "I get it if you hate me now." He says with a concerned look.
 "No I don't hate you. Not at all, you were just standing up for me. I think that so sweet, and you kicked his ass which is hot, but...." My voice trailed off and I couldn't finish  my sentence.
 "So you forgive me?"
 "Yes, just please don't do that again." his smile grows and he picks me up from the waist, now I'm up over his head looking down at him. When he puts me down I'm so close I can feel his breath on my lips. He tilts his head, but doesn't kiss me.
 "Beautiful." he whispers so quietly I can barely hear it. "So beautiful." Then he kisses me. it's a long kiss. My heart races and my hands find his chest, then his neck then his back. I feel like I'm flying, and I love it. When he lets go and we stop kissing I instantly miss it. "You should go find Grace." he says with a knowing smile.
 "Ok." When I find her she is against a wall kissing her boyfriend Chandler. "Grace!" I snap my fingers as I say her name.
 "Dance is over."
 "Oh ok." She turns to Chandler. "Bye babe."
 "Bye." He kisses her and walks away.
 "Let's go, babe." I say mocking her. She laughs and slings her arm around me.  
 "Life is good, Babe." She says playing along. On the way home I tell her everything. life is good, I love it!

Author Notes: Please comment Honestly. I really want your honest opinion. I want you to give me suggestions. BE HONEST. <3I

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