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ApurboSameen Abrar
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The violent shaking continued. People kept fleeing from the building. Panic set in as I was trying my best to guide everyone out through the emergency exits. I did not care what happened to me, I needed to get everyone out. And when the last person crossed me, I called out to see if anyone was still inside. But even before my scream could echo down the hall, I realized that I hadn't seen her cross me. So I went back inside the building that swung like a park ride. I searched for her and kept picking up blankets and jackets for the people out in the cold along the way.

And then I saw her, sitting calmly in the innermost room of the collapsing building. I rushed up to her and asked why she wasn't leaving.

"I won't. If this building goes down, I am going down with it." She was adamant. I couldn't help but smile. She really was a precious one. So I just laid down beside her, head in her lap. She pulled up one of the blankets onto me and sang a song for me while gently stroking my hair. My eyes felt heavy and my heart, happy. Whatever would happen next, mattered little to me.

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Sameen Abrar
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27 Feb, 2024
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