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By Sad - 1 Review

One night the girl open her messenger account to see if someone drops a message to her inbox. then suddenly a friend request appear, She doesn't know the man so she decided to send a message to him asking who he was, so as the days Go by the, guy replied saying that he is a long lost friend, after that message she accept the request and started having a good talk , at first it was just a good friendly relationship then little by little all the friendly relationship turned into a more special something.. The girl got into the point that she really fall in love with the guy, all she wants is him but the guys seems to be a good and romantic man but he is not quite sure if she loves the girl but he continued flirting the girl. until the girl ask everything , what is their relationship status or what is going on with them but the guy just said *I dont know* . all of her time is only spent with that man but him? he never give the time and attention that the girl is giving until one day .. the girl fallen out of love with the guy and stated ending up the relationship thing . then a few months later. they got back with each other but by now .. the girl doesn't love the guy unlike before.. now all the things that the girl experience in the past is happening with the guy. she has no idea what happen . why it turn that way .. maybe .. once you experience the pain you will always remember it as a lesson that you dont want to experience anymore.

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21 Apr, 2011
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