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Latest Factual Short Stories

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The Presence Prayer
Poem by Matt Decker
This prayer is designed to steer the thoughts toward consciousness of God's abiding presence.
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Poem by Matt Decker
Is it mere coincidence that "sound" is both an auditory experience and a positive state? This short poem pays tribute to the miracle of music.
Musing by billymead1991
A memoir of the last few times I saw my friend before he committed suicide.
Poem by Annielol399
Broken time in life
All My Halloweens
Musing by Nick_Sweeney
A musing about my only childhood Halloween when I spent a year with relatives in Dublin - we didn't have Halloween in the UK at that time.

Random Factual Short Stories

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A Pearl of a Girl
Story by
An encounter. Then love, of sorts.
The Beginning of My End
How my addiction to heroin got started in the first place.
The Joy of Expletives
The 'Four Letter Word' Discussed. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE.
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My New Chapter (Part 1)
Story by adlnxx
I started to open up again. I tried to love people again. But .....
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Dirty Motorways
Poem by Hobo
Value Coca cola and large tattoos The bag is heavy filled with all sorts That are not made of liquorice

Highest Rated Factual Short Stories

Girls Come Home
Story by Suma
A story about three sisters, three women who have grown apart, but now making a conscious effort to come close because the forces that did it for them are no longer there.
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But No One Ever Comes
Poem by SaltyGoon
This is one of the poems I wrote to relate on how I felt on that moment. I wrote this poem when I was in one of my deepest depression. I write poems to express how I feel and get it out my thoughts.
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Who Am I?
Story by LovelyCh_b
The thoughts of a young girl, trying to find herself.
Poem by Annielol399
I don't have much in life, but I received something that I wasn't even looking for.
I Just Want Someone to Understand
Story by why_now
What I go through...what goes through my mind...I just want someone to understand

Most Viewed Factual Short Stories

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The Lights
Story by Sandra
What we see is not always the reality.
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Story by salpa58
Growing up in the fifties was very different time, and being a teenager was also very different. I actually talked my parents into letting me go on a date, and not an easy task back then. You won't believe what happened.
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Story by EagertoWrite44
A story of children sticking together.
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A Glass of Water
Story by Nesh
Situations, and life perhaps don't always happen for a reason. But we are meant to find it out.
Dead Friend
Poem by ceratophrys
A poem about my friend Alex, who died too soon. Don't take your friends for granted. You don't know when they're going to leave.