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Wilting_Roses is from US United States • 19 y/o • Female

Hiya, I’m Flower. Please be my friend and don’t hesitate to message me!


Hey y’all. I’m a furry who thrives on role play and photography, and if you hate on me I shall cry and send my friends on you. I’m always up to meeting new people and I’m never really afraid to try new things.

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I sToLe SaLtY’s BiO lAyOuT (I regret nothing)

A bit about me!

I’m pure to the point where it’s scary, but yet I’ll still slap you silly if needed. I’m a pluviophile and selenophile, aka a strong lover of the rain and the moon. I find sanctuary through writing and photography, as well as listening to the sweet melodies of Salty’s music. I’m an optimist, and I reflect that in what I write, photograph, and say. My goals in life are very ambitious: to photograph Greek ruins and chase a tornado. I’ve never been afraid of anything very common, but I’ve always feared Spongebob for some weird (but slightly rational!) reasons. I’m easily soothed by thunderstorms, and I will fall asleep almost instantly if I’m in bed and it starts to thunder. I’m a peacemaker, and it ticks me off when people start causing drama, especially without valid reasons (ahem Salty I’m looking at you). Although I’m pretty lively and I almost never stop moving, I love to listen and offer a comforting shoulder to lean on. Having said that, please never hesitate to friend and message me about quite literally anything.

I love y’all so muchhhh!


Flower <3

More crap I felt like putting here.

Theme Songs: Die Young (Kesha), Never Been In Love (Will Jay), Freaks (Jordan Clarke), ME! (Taylor Swift), Victorious (Panic! At The Disco)

Favorite Foods: Any seafood, dumplings, chicken nuggs

Favorite Drink: Coffee. I thrive on it and it makes me the slightest bit high.

Favorite Show(s): Ed, Edd, & Eddy, Peppa Pig (fight me), iCarly, Scooby Doo

Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future, The Little Mermaid, others.

Favorite Singer: Taylor Swift, Alec Benjamin

Favorite Band: Of Monsters And Men, LSD

Favorite Sweet: Donutsssss!

Fears: Spongebob, the cafeteria, bugs, honey badgers

Dream: To be known for something!

Nicknames: Eh, nothing specific, call me whatever you wish.

Favorite Animal(s): Raccoons, foxes, anteaters

How to Win Me Over: Sharing your hoodie, cheesy pickup lines

Hobbies: Photography, sitting in the rain, roleplay, camping

Quote(s) of Mine:

“Most people hate that we experience sadness and anger and jealousy, but really, it just proves that we are human and we are alive.”

“Silence can be broken, you just have to find the courage in yourself to break it.”

“You shouldn’t care if someone gets in your way. Just push them aside and say, ‘Honey, you’ve got much more important things to do than be in my way, like praying for a life.’”

Bad Habits: Oversensitivity, being too naive, nosiness

Favorite Word: Twitterpated

**Creds to procrastiartist for my profile picture!

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