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Little Bean

Sparkly_Alicorn is from US United States • 16 y/o • Female

ya gotta have cheese whiz


Follow Sentimental_Creature plz she is a queen! She was the one that led me to this beautiful site. <3
Plz also follow lyngbakr82! She is my BFF. :)<3<3 love yall<3

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24 Feb, 2021
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Most teachers call me "Sparkles"

I am a large lover of animals, herbs, and tea!

I ride horses.

I am a poet mainly, but I thought I'd give stories a shot. I've always wanted to write stories.

Fun facts:

I'm a health rat(most of the timeXD)

I am a gardener, and am currently starting my very own tea garden!!

I love life. Like really love it. God is so good to bless me with all I have.

I'm a PK- that's why I'm so crazy and weird. :)

I love coffee, but it is not most advisable to give it to me.

How to Identify me in public-

I am probably wearing a sweatshirt

I'm probaby talking. Nonstop.

thats about it folks. :p

What to do if you see me in public-

please come up and talk to me. I am a 99% extrovert. I love talking to people, and random people are just another unknown friend.

Favorite food- DARK CHOCOLATE!!!! XD

I hope this bio was helpful and you enjoyed.

stay sparkly my dudes and dudettes. :) <3<3 :)

(PS- I'm starting a blog soon! Hope y'all will come to it once it's up and runnin') (and yes, I'm southern :))

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