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"What Am I Gonna Do With You?"
"What Am I Gonna Do With You?"

"What Am I Gonna Do With You?"

Sparkly_Alicornchaotic child
3 Reviews

AAAAAAHHH emotions.

we were friends for almost 2 years, but then we weren't all of a sudden, because of things that had happened. I was okay though. My best friend helped me through it and I'm ok.

But then today, you were joking with me, and we were messing around, like the good old days. and you asked, "What am I gonna do with you?"

what does that question even mean? I know I am a mess. You know I am a mess. But that question brought back the memories, and I...

I want us ot be normal but we can't ever be again. I miss you. I am better from this, but that doesn't mean it didn't and doesn't still hurt. Because I loved and still love you. You were and are a special person.

I miss you.

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chaotic child
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23 Apr, 2021
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