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The Lights
The Lights

The Lights

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It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was returning. Suddenly I saw a white light coming towards me, changing its shapes as it moved. It came slowly, as if it was afraid of coming, and then it disappeared. I thought it to be an illusion and proceeded on my way back home.

Just two blocks away, I again saw those lights, this time near the hill. They were rising up at a tremendous speed. It seemed as if they were very desperate to get to the hill. Then suddenly a spark appeared in the cloudy night sky and everything was dark again. I went home and did not bother myself much about it. I had my dinner and slept.

But the next day, there was a huge crowd gathered on the street. It was really difficult to know what had happened. When I asked a person in the crowd, he said that something burnt the trees on the hill yesterday night. When I looked up to have a glance of what had happened, I was completely taken aback. The trees were burnt all the way through which the lights moved last night up the hill.

"But it was raining heavily yesterday night." I said to that person. "That's what is strange, well the research team will arrive soon and we would know what caused it." He replied.

The research team arrived soon and started taking samples and interrogating people if they had seen something unusual last night. I gave them an account of all that I had seen, the lights, the spark, everything. After recording everything, they said that they would soon find out what caused this incident.

Well, ten years have passed by, the forest has regenerated itself. But no one till today has been able to find out the cause.

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14 Aug, 2016
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