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Nightmares and a Whole Lot of Nonsense
Nightmares and a Whole Lot of Nonsense

Nightmares and a Whole Lot of Nonsense

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The earliest nightmare I can remember is when I was younger. I think I had recently watched "Meet The Robinsons" and so my nightmare was based around that. I don't know this for sure, because I remember thinking to myself after watching the movie, That's weird. This is kinda like my dream, but I didn't watch it before having that dream... Whatever, all in all, it was about a psycho hat possessing my family and then having them chase me through long, dark hallways that I don't recognize. First was my little brother, then my baby brother, then my father. I don't know where my mother was during all of this, though.

The next dream I remember is sorta like TattleTail. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically about a Christmas gift that turns into a waking nightmare. I suggest you check it out because I'm not good at explaining things. Anyway, there was this assassin toy. I can't remember the first dream I had about it very clearly, but I had another one about it a lot more recently. We were in a supermarket, the whole family and I. We were walking through an aisle that was filled with these things that would kill someone upon hearing their name. I guess someone called out my brother's name because, the next thing I know, I'm trying to fight off a swarm of those things. They kept trying to get to him, but somehow we got out of there. I woke up the next morning feeling much better than I usually do after having a nightmare.

And another one came after I had watched a gameplay of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It was very strange. It was just a wall, in the colors that you would see in the game. A creamy, yellowy white with firmly drawn black edges. Shadows would move along the wall, almost dancing. I can only assume who the shadows belong to, as I never looked away from them. I awoke that morning in a cold sweat.

I don't know if these dreams have a secret meaning or if I just get spooked easily. Whatever the case, these nightmares are some of the main ones I can remember. I hope you enjoyed reading!

Author Notes: I'd love to hear about your dreams, so feel free to message me and talk about them. Or, leave a review linking a story about your dreams!
Have a great day, y'all!

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15 Apr, 2021
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