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-Lynnyan- is from US United States • 15 y/o • Female

I’m a lemonhead 🍋


Welcome to TMI. My name is Lyn and I will be serving you here whenever you come. The specials are Stuff About Me You Didn't Need To Know, Random Facts You Wish You Could Give Back, and—our hometown favorite—Bible Knowledge. Now, I’ll give you a minute to look over the options. If you have any questions, advice, or just want to chat be sure to DM me. Thanks for coming!


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Welcome to My Page!

Bible Knowledge

So, everyone sins, right? No matter what it is. Lying, killing, stealing, cheating on your partner, using His name in vain, or anything else that's against God.
But once you're saved, your sin won't effect how much God loves you, right? So you could sin a thousand times and never have to pay the price, right?


After being cleaned, a penny can become just as dirty as it used to be, covered in rot and rust again. That's what happens to us.
Even after asking for forgiveness and admitting our mistakes, we can't keep making them. That's about as bad as telling your friend you're sorry for punching him in the face. And then proceeding to punch him again and again.

This type of behavior is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.
The Bible says that after surrendering yourself, you must turn from your wicked ways and open your heart to the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for joining me today and reading through this, it means a lot. God bless you! <3

Random Updates on Things

covid sucks :(

not me crying over the horrible ending I gave doom befallen-

I have returned. uwu
I won't be on a lot, like I was last year, so pls don't set those expectations for me qwq

not me obsessing over my nickname-
✴* 🎀 𝐿𝓎𝓃 🎀 *✴
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Lyn ♥

I have to take books off my recommended list because I haven't read them in so long and now I'm crying-
And I haven't read a lot of books lately that I loved enough to thrust them at you so now I'm crying harder-

you know you're a writer when the easiest thing for you to do is procrastinate writing qvp

why are yearbook quotes so dumb?

Book(s) I'm Currently Reading (With Some Info Bc I Can)

The Book Theif - Markus Zusak - Death has seen Liesel three times. Each under different circumstances with different surrounding colors. Our narrator tells the story of how she became known as the book theif and details the journey she's on during WWII in Germany. Nazis are everywhere, supporters are around every corner. What will happen when they find out she hates Hitler?

Books I Recommend

Beginning of a New Series:

The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielson

The Last Thing I Remember - Andrew Klavan

Story Thieves - James Riley

Single Books

The World's Greatest Detective - Caroline Carlson

A Night Divided - Jennifer A. Nielsen

Here in the Real World - Sara Pennypacker

Wanna Get To Know Me? Keep Reading!


Food: Almost anything, but mostly pasta.

Snack: Anything to satisfy my sweet tooth <3

Color: Porple >:3 but more specifically, Red Violet

Book Series: The Ascendance series occupies my mind day in and day out xd

Music: Mostly techno, pop, the occasional rock n roll and maybe ( m a y b e ) country

Stuff I Hate

  • Seafood ( except fish sticks for some reason )
  • Teriyaki sauce ( yuck )
  • Bread that doesn't have any real purpose for being eaten ( so i don't eat it )
  • Painfully cringy and cheesy movies/shows ( need I say more? )
  • People saying something's cringey that I like/show them ( ouch, man! )
  • Not having a book to read during free time ( who else can relate? )
  • When a character does something stupid ( I don't hate the character, just what they do )
  • Having a good sense of fashion, but not the money needed to show it off ( am I wearing a skirt or a garbage bag? )
  • Feeling the need to express myself through stickers when I haven't completely figured myself out yet ( stickers still rule tho!! )
  • When people ask me what I want to be when I get older and then tell me that being an author isn't an actual job ( like, really... )
  • When someone says something about pop culture and I have no idea what language they're speaking ( no hablo espanol )
  • People being rude to others for no reason ( them having an opinion different than yours is NOT a reason! )
  • When people don't listen to my advice and then it turns out that I was right and they look at me like 👀 ( and then im like 👀 )
  • People with zero respect for the environment and the people around them ( clean up after yourself, PLEASE )

( dang, I hate a lot of stuff- )

What I'm Like

-short, messy brown-blonde hair ( I think I look more brown now-)
-usually listening to music or has her nose in a book ( hah, nerd )
-about average height ( maybe slightly below- )
-wearing ugly glasses ( I'm blind D: )
-has braces ( I'm a metal mouth :I )
-probably wearing a t-shirt and jeans ( I could be wearing almost anything tho- )
-most likely trying to avoid people ( sorry not sorry ;p )

Please don't try to find me XD

-I can be kind of shy sometimes, but if I already know you or I warm up to you I could become a chatterbox
-I'm basically your average teenager. Oh, except for the part where I'm not obsessed with TikTok, I'm not the best with fashion, and I really don't care about your opinions of me. Okay, I care a little bit...
-I'm pretty all over the place, so it's a challenge to keep up with me. Sometimes, I can't even manage to do it.
-I like talking to myself and pretending to have lots of friends- ( all of which are my OC's :/ )
-I also pace- but it's probably because I can't stay still.
-And I can't help eating everything I'm not supposed to with my braces on ;)

My Life

I am Christian, so I try to live my life for God and His will. I have two younger brothers and two wonderful parents. I love them all dearly! I have school Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 2:30. I won't be on throughout that time, but I promise I'll try to respond to any messages or nice reviews as soon as I can! The mean reviews will take me a while to respond to- I haven't had near as many lately, so thank you guys for that. ^-^

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Thanks for Reading!

I think that's about it, lol. Oh! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's enjoying my stories or even just my writing advice. You all mean so much to me! I am so blessed! Thanks for being there for me, love y'all so much! <3

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I'm pretty certain you skipped to the bottom to find the stories below. If that's true, I have superhuman abilities ;)
It also means that I should tell you that you didn't have to scroll all the way down here. Then again, the tabs at the very top are quite easy to maneuver through so I might be very wrong :0
If that's the case, and you actually read through all this stuff, then why? Surely I'm not that interesting...

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