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Do You Miss Me, Too?
Do You Miss Me, Too?

Do You Miss Me, Too?

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It hurts
And you know it does.

You smile and laugh
Just like you used to.
Just like nothing happened to us.

It hurts
And you knew it would.

You left so suddenly,
That I didn't have the chance
To take my heart out of your grasp.

It hurts
And you'll get over it.

All those other girls
Will keep you company
In the meantime.

It hurts
But I still miss you.

The way you held me
When I couldn't go on.

The way you laughed
At my terrible puns.

The way the tears I cried seemed meaningful
When you wiped them away.

The way my darkest night
Could be turned into the brightest day.

All because of you.

But none of it was real,
Was it?

You just wanted to touch me.
You didn't care about the real me.

That's why you left,
Isn't it?

I became a burden to you.
I became a nuisance to you.

That doesn't change the fact
That I loved you.

And I thought
You did, too.

But none of it was real.
It was all a fantasy.

And now I doubt
I'll ever be ready

To love someone,
Like I loved you.

But, just for the sake of it,
Do you miss me
As much as I miss you?

I doubt you do.

Author Notes: I've never actually felt this way before, but for some reason, I decided to try to write about it. Tell me how many times you cringed in a nice way, please :(
Have a great day!

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5 Apr, 2021
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