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In Living Color
In Living Color

In Living Color

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My life was grey and colorless. Nothing exciting, nothing new. And I mean colorless in more than one way. I was colorblind. Even the brightest rainbow or prettiest sunset held no interest for me. Everything around me was grey. And so was I. I couldn't even tell you what color the square block that I held in my hand was correctly, even if you'd told me what it was a million times. I was taught that colors were shades of grey. I only realized that grey actually looked grey after he came.

It was a normal day. Wake up, put on a grey shirt, put on mismatched socks, go downstairs, go back upstairs because I accidentally put on my brother's socks, put on my own socks, eat a grey breakfast, say bye to Mom, get on the grey school bus, ignore the other kids as they pester me about what color I thought their shirts were. A normal, average, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary day. And then I got to school.

I sat down at my grey desk, feeling greyer than usual. I think that girl on the bus was starting to get to me. Every day she would ask me what color her shirt was and then, after I gave my answer, she would tell me I was wrong. Then she would begin to chant, "Colorblind Katelinn, colorblind Katelinn!" I hated her stupid chant. And her stupid ever-changing shirt color. And her stupid ponytail. Okay, maybe not her ponytail, it was actually rather cute. But still!

My head slumped on my hand as I gazed out the window at the grey landscape. There was a tree with a tire swing tied to it on a hill overlooking the playground. But it was just as grey as I felt.

"Alright class," Mrs. Hawkins says, clapping her hands to quiet us. "We have a new student here today!" That was when I saw him. "Now, why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself?"

"Well," the new boy begins, seemingly looking right at me, "My name's Owen and I'm from Chicago." I think he might've said more, but I wasn't paying attention anymore.

Owen, what a nice name. He looked really nice, too.

"Alright, Owen, why don't you take a seat behind Katelinn?" Katelinn? Did she mean me? He was going to sit behind me?

He smiles at me as he passes by, but I hardly noticed. I was in total shock. It wasn't that he was really cute and sitting behind me that was so shocking, though. I mean, he was cute, but that wasn't what had me so fidgety in my chair. The thing was, this guy was in full color!

Author Notes: Originally written by Smiley, my not so much friend anymore. I just gave it a personal touch. She left her writing idea at my house and I don’t even know if she remembers it, so I decided to record it. Hope you enjoyed! Pls let me know if I have any grammatical errors <3

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27 Feb, 2021
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2 mins
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