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I Hate Crying
I Hate Crying

I Hate Crying

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I hate crying.

I hate how my throat burns with the longing of crying out.

I hate how my short, jagged breaths make it so much harder.

I hate how my nose always gets so snotty.

I hate how I stay silent the whole time.

I hate how my tears stream down my face and leave puddles on my pillow.

I hate how when I wipe my tears, my eyes sting and burn.

I hate how I cry over stupid things that don't matter at all.

I hate telling myself that it's okay to cry because then it's harder to believe it.

I hate how when people notice, they stare at my face that tries to hide.

I hate how crying is looked down upon.

I hate how crying makes you look weak.

I hate crying.

Author Notes: I hope you don't think crying makes you weak because it doesn't. Crying is what proves you have emotions. Cry all you want. And when you see someone else crying, be kind towards them about it.

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19 Apr, 2021
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