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Lollipop_56 is from US United States • 16 y/o

i'm in my bathtub w/ ice cream & world-building fantastical plot lines i'll never use


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"growing up is like looking on both sides of the street before crossing and then getting hit by a plane."

my art instagram is down here. i guess.


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slytherin >:) - leo ♌︎ - entp - notebook hoarder - morally grey character enthusiast - giant graphic design nerd

w e l c o m e :)

biographies are so hard to write, so i’ve been putting off this re-write, but it desperately needs some updates. here goes nothing.

if you couldn’t tell already, i love writing, pretty much since i read the magic treehouse series and decided to write a terrible knock-off version of it. i also enjoy reading, of course. i’ve graduated from trashy YA romance to classics, historical fiction and psychology books. i also like drawing and graphic design(here's a fun shameless plug: @evilfrenchpigeon on instagram).

another one of my favorite activities must be listening to music late at night in my room. i got those cringy tiktok led lights too, it really suits my mood sometimes. it’s the perfect environment to get existential. i listen many genres, but if i were to pick a couple i’ve really been enjoying as of recent, i must say breakcore, modern psychedelia, and can you really go wrong with indie rock?

i’m not as deep as i’m making it seem right now. though i have a lot of artistic hobbies, i spend most of my time doing homework and experiencing the five stages of grief as i try to my make my notes neat(hot take: mildliners suck.) gotta maintain that gpa :(

i enjoy coffees in the morning and tea at night. huge horror movie fan(would it make me a normie if say midsommar is one of my favorites? get out is really good too.)when i miraculously have free time, i play lots of video games, along the lines of good old mario kart, minecraft and animal crossing: new horizons. though i’ve been grinding hades recently and i really want that cute looking new game called cult of the lambs. damn.

besides bullying my animal crossing villagers, my other hobbies include watching too many true crime videos, horror playthroughs, journaling, playing a bit of guitar and singing, occasionally posting videos of my own on youtube, and just hang out with friends. good people are rare, but i’ve been blessed with a group of ride or dies. and for that, i’m grateful.

that's all for now. please remember to stay safe! take care of yourself. you matter! you took time out of your day to read this mess, you deserve a good hug and a nice meal. and on that cheesy note, i hope you have wonderful xmas. thanks for reading.

friend me, contact me, i'm here for anonymous support. thank you for dropping by!!
(previous usernames have been ohsabi and iiaso)

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