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Lollipop_56 is from US United States • 16 y/o

i'm in my bathtub w/ ice cream & world-building fantastical plot lines i'll never use


any pronouns

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"growing up is like looking on both sides of the street before crossing and then getting hit by a plane."

(link is to educate yourself about criminal justice)


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27 May, 2018
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slytherin >:) - leo ♌︎ - entp - notebook hoarder - morally grey character enthusiast - giant graphic design nerd

h e y ! w e l c o m e !

i've only recently discovered that i'm absolutely terrible at writing profile biographies. i honestly just want to throw a bunch of haphazard words together and pray it works, which i admit, got me through many years of school( just joking, stay in school and work hard :P ).

i'm equally extroverted as i am introverted-i love to make others laugh but need a day's rest to recharge my batteries(and when i say 'recharge my batteries', i mean lay on my bed, watch YouTube, listen to soft pop rock and waste my life away). i've made lots of new friends in the past couple of months(thank the skies for in-person school now), who distract me from my homework. my never-ending pile of homework. i blame my god complex for forcing me to choose all the hardest classes to appease my intellectual ego.

i spend lots of time writing, reading and drawing, but i have to say my greatest talent is to talk myself out of buying every single item until my shopping cart is empty. i love both coffee and tea, because i need 12 shots of undiluted caffeine every morning to make sure i can even read my computer screen properly. i also enjoy playing video games, something along the lines of old-school minecraft, mario kart, the dig, fran bow, what remains of edith finch, but my absolute favorite: animal crossing new horizons. tom nook, you capitalist tanooki, how dare you put me into crippling debt!

besides bullying my animal crossing villagers, my other hobbies include watching one too many true crime videos, collect stickers but then develop sticker anxiety and have no idea where to use them, occasionally make videos on youtube and read, read, read! i'm driving my parents to a point of no return as library books pile onto any surface i touch.

that's all for now. please remember to stay safe! take care of yourself. you matter! and on that cheesy note, i hope you have a great day. thanks for reading.

friend me, contact me, i'm here for anonymous support. thank you for dropping by!!

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