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What Happened to Me? (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)
What Happened to Me? (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

What Happened to Me? (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

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What happened to me?

For Hockey4Life55 and Oxygen, my fellow Greek Mythology geeks

Hello there. My name is Amelia Earhart. You know me? what answer was that? "Oh, that woman that flew across the Atlantic solo?" Well, yes that’s me.

But first things first. I am a daughter of Zeus, a demigod, to be exact. I know all this Greek Mythology mess is real.

Oh, right, mortals are reading this. Sorry, this is "absolute fiction", and "I was 100% mortal like everyone else".

Well, apparently, I died mysteriously during my flight. Well, they’re WRONG. I did not DIE like that. Jeez, mortals are so gullible.

Here’s my story:

A giant knocked me out the sky, swatting me like a gnat. His name is Antaeus, I’m pretty sure.

I landed next to this island named Ogygia. Yes, I know. O-G-Y-G-I-A. Said like o-jee-jee-ya. Anyways, I managed to jump off before it crashed. I swam to the island, completely exhausted. I crashed on the beach, and the last thing I saw before blacking out was a beautiful girl peering over me.

I wake up with a wet cloth on my forehead. I looked around. I was in a cave. A beautiful one. Lights of all colors shined on the stalactites. The "ceiling" was high. "Hello?" I called. Nothing replied me except my echo. I stand up woozily. The bed I was laying on was comfortable, and I was yearning to lay back down. But first I needed to thank that girl.

I walk outside. The full moon shines above me in the clouds. The girl who saved me was planting something in her vast garden. I approached. She noticed me and scooted over to make space for me for me to kneel next to the plant. It was a silver, bio-luminescent flower. It was glowing silver, lighting up the whole garden. The flower was blooming at full pace. It looked like it was capturing the moonlight. "Moonlace." the girl said. I looked up. She had a fair face. Dark almond eyes stared into the plant. Caramel hair swung in the wind. She was wearing a simple white dress. She glowed with immortality. The thing I most appreciate is she was beautiful without trying. She looked up. "My name is Calypso and this island is named Ogygia." I nod. "My name is-" I started. "Amelia Earhart. Daughter of Zeus. You got swatted out of the sky by Antaeus, I’m guessing." I must have looked stunned because she let out a small laugh. "Finally, somebody that’s not part of the curse." "What curse?" I asked. Her expression turned grim. "I’ll tell you later." She sighed. She stood up, brushing dirt from her dress. "Come on." She gestured me to follow her.

Calypso led me to the beach. A grand dining table was positioned on the sand. It was close enough to the water, but just far enough to not be soaked in it. Platters were brought to the table…except that the waitresses were invisible. Like a magical force doing all the work. I sat across from my savior. She starts eating her food. I inhaled mine. I never realized I was so hungry.

After we were done, Calypso took a deep breath, as if she was going to start a lecture. She says with a tinge of sadness. "I one of the daughters of Atlas. I supported him in the Titan war. Once the Olympians won, I was banished from the world. I was trapped on this island. And I’m still today." She sighs. "The Three Fates cast a curse on me." I nodded empathically. I did have a lot of experience with curses (long story for next time.). "Men will wash up the shore. Men that I can’t help with falling in love with. Then they are forced to leave." She sighs again. I pat her hand. "And you’re glad that I’m not part of the curse." She nods. "Your father told me to help you up on your feet. To take care of you. In return, someday, a man that washes up shore will save me from this curse. But you cannot leave this island anymore. I’m sorry. Your father’s orders." I tilt my head. "Why?" I ask with a tint of incredulousness. "See, you slept for a very long time. Doesn’t seem long on the island, but time is different on Ogygia. Time is difficult here." I nod as if I understood. She starts explaining. " In Ogygia, you slept for 7 days and 7 nights." "WHAT?!?" I shout. "Must have been the ambrosia. Always makes demigods sleep more." She mumbles. Calypso clears her throat and resumes her explanation. "But to the rest of the world, you were gone for about…23 years." "WHAT?!?" I repeated, standing up. She smiles sadly. "You see why you can’t leave? If you go back to the mortal world, and you haven’t aged a bit, that will attract too much attention." I nod. At least the rest of my life was going to be comfortable.

Oh wait, I’m immortal now. so for the rest of eternity, I’m gonna have to stay here.

Calypso was right. Time was very difficult here. I was not sure how long I stayed here. Day and night. That was the only thing that kept me going.

But one day, a battered boy washed up the shore. He had jet-black hair and a fair face. ‘hoo-boy. This must be part of the curse.’ I thought. I drag him up the shore and call Calypso. When she saw him, she paled. "Here we go again…" She murmurs under her breath, but I could tell she was already falling in love. I just sighed. This was going to be a long, painful day.

I help her carry the boy to the sick bed I first woke up in. Calypso puts a wet cloth on his forehead. A few hours pass, the boy still tossing and turning in his bed while mumbling. I only caught a few words. " Tyson…What?… Annabeth…" I did hear the word "Annabeth" a lot. I’m guessing they liked each other. It always ends up like that. Calypso was going to be alone with me again.

The boy groaned. Calypso quickly whispered to me "Hide. He must think I am alone. Or else he cannot leave. Part of the curse." I nod. I was very glum and desperate when I first learned that I could not leave.

I hid behind a curtain and peeked at the boy.

Calypso was talking to the boy. "…Percy." The boy looked startled. She giggled silently. "How did you-" he started to ask with a priceless look on his face. "You talk in your sleep."

Percy was sure surprised.

He unsteadily stood up with Calypso’s help. This was the first time I got a good look at the boy. He looked around 13. He had distracting sea green eyes, and messy black hair. High cheekbones and a square jaw defined his face. This Percy had a nice lopsided smile that teachers would hate. I knew he was the troublemaker in a classroom. He looked ok. Better than ok actually, despite his messy hair.

Anyways, with the look in Calypso’s eyes, I knew the curse was already working its magic.

The poor girl led Percy to the dining table. I didn’t follow them. I felt beyond bad for Calypso. She’s going to do this all her life. ‘No.’ I thought. ‘My father promised her freedom. One day.’ I sighed. Gods are not known for keeping their promises. I hope my father swore of the River of Styx.

I slipped into my room and took a nap. I hope Calypso doesn’t suffer too much.

The girl shook me awake. She had a sad smile on her face. She didn’t smell like jasmine anymore. She smelled like the sea.

Immediately, I knew she kissed the boy. "Was it nice?" I ask with mischievousness. Calypso looked surprised. "Don’t underestimate a half-human, Titaness." I laughed. "Yes…" She confessed. I sniffed the air. The sea salt smell was soothing. "Was this Percy a demigod? Son of Poseidon, perhaps?" She nodded, looking impressed.

Then there was an uncomfortable silence.

"He left." Calypso blurted. "When?" I blurted back. Did I nap that long? "About an hour ago. At least I think. Time is-" she started. "Difficult in Ogygia. I know." I finished.

Time passed. On and on. Another boy came by. His name was Leo, I think. Calypso complained to me how annoying he was at first, but the curse made them fall in love at the end. He left sometime after.

In the end, he was the one. This loyal Leo boy came back to free Calypso. I was so happy for her. After an eternity of suffering alone, she was going to be free again.

Calypso left with the boy. She said goodbye to me. "Come with us." I shook my head. "The Curse." I reminded her. "If I come along, nobody can leave," I say sadly. She hugged me tightly. She didn’t say anything. She just waved and left.

I hope she lives a good life.

Time passes, trickling like an hourglass. Nothing matters anymore. Every morning, I wake up and go to the beach. I stare off into the horizon until the sun goes down.

One night, my father contacted me in my dreams. ‘This is the last message, Amelia. Evil forces are waking again.’ I frowned. ‘Kronos woke. Gaea woke. We beat them both. What’s next, father?’ My father shook his bearded head. ‘The magic of Ogygia is fading because of the forces. Plus, Calypso has been gone for too long. Her story is being forgotten. You will die painfully and slowly if you don’t leave.’ I nod. ‘I was planning to leave anyway. I’m starting to get sick of this place. I’m going to settle in Alaska or something. Somewhere away from other humans. No one will notice me, father.’ Zeus shook his head sadly. ‘As I said before, your island is fading. Once you leave the island boundaries, you will burst into dust. You have lived for way too long for a demigod. You will die, either way, my daughter.’ At least my father was very matter-of-fact. ‘Don’t worry." I smiled at the god. ‘I will leave one day. Just not yet.’ The god smiled sympathetically. "You made me proud, Amelia. I wish I could see you.’ He reached out to touch my cheek. Before he could do so, my dream faded. Just like me, soon enough.

I woke in cold sweat. I yanked my bed sheets away. I must do something before I fade.

This project took forever. Hephaestus and Hermes helped me a bit when they dropped by.

Finally, I dusted my hands and sized up my project and cried like a baby. I created a giant statue of Calypso. I was as tall as the statue’s shin. It was painted and all. I did the face. Her caramel hair was covered in Moonlace. Hermes summoned the block of marble. Hephaestus helped me with the body. I had written in stones: "For Calypso." by her feet.

I also built a small raft and a row. also covered in Moonlace. I toured around the island one last time then set off into the vast expanse of the ocean.

I rowed away from Ogygia and looked back just in time to see the island faded away. All was left my statue, standing on a tiny piece of land.

Hermes waved sadly at me. Wait… there was not only Hermes. There was also Hephaestus, Ares, Aphrodite…Poseidon, Athena, Dionysus, and even my father. A bunch of others gods popped up. I waved and smiled. In unison, they took their left hand and clawed their heart and pushed towards my direction. The ward-off-evil sign. I smiled as I faded away, bursting into dust, swirling in the sky, into my father’s arms.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading! I guess greek bookworms will be the only one who will understand this.

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