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Math Class
Math Class

Math Class

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I tapped the tip of my pencil on the table impatiently. Math class. How interesting, I thought sarcastically. Lilly sat on my right and only a wall stood on my left. I picked the furthest table from the teacher's desk and whiteboard.

Lilly murmured a quick hi and plopped down on her seat. I took out my notebook and started to mindlessly doodle. The teacher started his mind-numbing lecture as I drew an anime girl with green hair. Terrible, I thought and crumpled up the paper and tossed it over my shoulder.

Quiet reigned over the class. I silently cursed and looked up. The teacher, Mr. Report was staring right at me. I smiled sheepishly and shrugged. "I will not tolerate littering in my class, Miss Sasha Bann." I blushed at picked up my crumpled up the paper and threw it towards recycling.

It rolled on the rim of the trash can and lightly fell into the recycling. A few "Nice throw." and "Oh!" rang out in the class. I blushed harder and quickly sat down.

After my classmates directed their attention back to the teacher, I let out a small sigh of relief. "That was close." murmured Lilly, her beautiful auburn hair and her freckles leaning closing to me. I looked at my own dark curly hair and thought about my gray-blue eyes. Lilly was so much prettier!

I shot a quick look at the clock. I hour and 43 minutes. I almost groaned out loud. Mr. Report was still talking. Ugh.

I doodled some more, then looked up every minute so I looked like I was taking notes.

As I drew a sunset, my eyes darted to something written on the table.

I'm bored...

It read written blocky handwriting. I smirked and wrote back.

Same. Please spare me.

I wondered if they would write back.

Author Notes: Hi! Thanks for reading! Please place a comment and tell me what you think no matter how harsh it is. Any review will motivate me to write more.

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1 Mar, 2019
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