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Latest Feel-Good Short Stories

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Life's Roller Coaster Ride
Story by JozayBigras
A series of ups and downs, life is quite the adventure. I always thought the saying was cliche, but came to realize it was very true.
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The Most Wonderful Thing
What Does She See In Me?
Story by Lussac
A day in the life of a schoolboy growing up in the North of England in the 70's
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Run Away
Musing by Kuro
For all the broken, torn up, stepped on, soulless and forgotten.
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Cotton Candy and Sea Foam
Story by Zer0
~ in which i torture my friends ~ "I can't-I can't breathe!" screeched Anna. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD HELP I DIDN'T CONSENT TO THIS-" Katya yelled. I giggled as the wind rushed back.

Random Feel-Good Short Stories

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The Scrambled Anna Graham
Story by Matt Decker
A girl named Anna Graham who loves anagrams? That spells fun!
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Lu (Part Three)
Story by Thomas Ray
Um... This is what happens next. When she wakes up.
Ask Her for It
Story by zameee10
He's too nervous to ask her. Will he be able to overcome his nervousness?
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Lady Ann
Story by Brooke Folk
Lady Ann lived a life of a supposed war widow. Her husband never left her side.
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The Story of Love
Story by Sara Goertz
A sweet story about how love got off an island.

Highest Rated Feel-Good Short Stories

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The Blanket Story
It is about giving an inanimate object a voice, and a personality. The blanket story will make you sad and laugh. It is amusing and heartwarming.
All Audiences
Never Feel Afraid
Story by Flower
My best friend is struggling with herself, so I wrote this for her in a hope that it’d make her smile.
All Audiences
Truth of Dreaming
Story by Dari Poulson
Did you ever have that one friend who never was really there?
All Audiences
A Night Under the Stars
Story by Optimism101
A night with her.
All Audiences
See Yourself Through My Eyes
Story by Raven Knight
Sometimes all you need is for that one person to tell you how beautiful and amazing you are to them, to actually see your self the way they see you. Like the beautiful soul you are.

Most Viewed Feel-Good Short Stories

Hospital Windows
Story by Author Unknown
And every afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.
You Think YOU'RE Having A Bad Day?
Story by Galaxian
If you think you're having a bad day, wait until you read this funny short story.
A Gift Of Love
Story by Author Unknown
With her newborn child nestled in her arms, she moved the fold of cloth to look upon his tiny face and gasped....
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Puppies for Sale
Story by Author Unknown
A sweet little story about how a puppy and a boy were destined to be together.
Attitude is Everything
Story by Galaxian
A short inspirational story that shows that attitude is indeed everything. Written by Francie Baltazar-Schwartz.