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My Memories of Fall
My Memories of Fall

My Memories of Fall


It started out on a breezy October fall day. I sat on my porch swing drinking my pumpkin spice latte. "Yummm! I love the taste of fall!" As I sat on my porch I thought about all the orange vibrant leaves that twirled and drifted towards the ground. "Beautiful." Moments later I thought to myself. "Why is fall my favorite season?" Then I remembered. I remembered all the memories me and my mommy have shared. Jumping in the leaves, telling stories, wearing cozy sweaters, and sharing laughs. All those memories basically just flashed before me. I felt sad and I could feel the cold tears run down my chilled cheek. I missed my mommy I really did. I wish I could visit her, but daddy always said that I shouldn't and that she didn't want to come back. She needed a break from reality. I hope she misses me the way I miss her. She was always so bright and had the best smile. I rocked back and fourth swaying on my porch swing just listening to my memories. I could hear them. "God Bless You Mommy."

Forever -N- Always, Your daughter

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9 Apr, 2020
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