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Jungle In The Gym
Jungle In The Gym

Jungle In The Gym

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker
6 Reviews

I am Timothy, Timmy, Tim.
My dad is James, Jimmy, Jim.
My mom is Kimberly, Kimmy, Kim.

I walk, walk, walk
With my teacher
And my class.
It's time for recess
So we're going to the gym.

This is my favorite part of school.
I wonder if today will be extra cool?

Wait -- I hear something!
What could that be?
What's that about?
What am I about to see?
One way to find out....

The sights I see are so so silly --
A gibbon wearing a ribbon,
A gorilla holding an umbrella,
A caterpillar riding an armadillo
And a chinchilla just chillin'.

Wow! There's a parrot
And a rabbit with a carrot,
I swear it!
A cockatoo just flew
Out of the locker room,
I declare it!

I see a toucan
On the recycling bin!

Monkeys on the bars?
You bet there are!

Now I hear a lion
And I am not lyin'!

Behind that door
I hear RAWR!

My teacher is petting a tiger,
I hope it doesn't bite her!
But it really seems to like her.
I promise I'm not a liar!

As I stand and stare,
From out of nowhere
A frog lands in my hair!
This is going on my blog!

I hear a hypnotic hip-hop hippopotamus,
I recognize a riveting rhyming rhinoceros.

Whoa! My cousin Leonard
Just about lost his freckles
When he almost got leveled
By a lively leapin' leopard!

I reach up to wipe my eyes
When to my great surprise
My face is grazed
By the beautiful wings
Of a big blue butterfly!

I spot the brilliant Clifford Gifford --
He's the undisputed class math wizard.
So busy figuring is he
That he nearly steps on a lizard.
The look on his face
Brings more than one snicker.

Ha ha! He He!
Oh my! Oh me!
I can't help but laugh
At that silly giraffe
Who has stuck his neck
Through the basketball net.

There's my friend Patty Byrne
Riding on a pachyderm --
All around the gym
It does carry her.

There's my sister's BFF,
Her name is Lisa --
She can be a bit of a diva.
But it's not easy to be a diva
When you're distracted by a zebra.
And it's even harder to be a diva
When you're chased by a cheetah.
Poor diva Lisa!

Oh look! There's my neighbor Sara Snyder.
Oh no! I see a hairy scary spider beside her.

Right now I'm in a dither
And my courage it withers
'Cuz up and down the bleachers
A python it slithers.

What in the --
Here comes Ally Gaither,
Running as fast
As her legs can take her.
What is she saying?
AL -- AL -- ALLI -- GATOR!
Well that does it for me,
I'm outta here,
See ya later!


Don't worry about me,
I'm safe in my bed.
But these incredible images
Still play in my head.

I know they seem kookoo
And they even seem scary
But it's really all good
'Cuz it's all imaginary.

When I activate my imagination,
I can create cool creations
And animate awesome animations
Or mutate mutant mutations
And combine creative combinations
Or visualize varieties of variations.
I can narrate nutty narrations,
I can carry on crazy conversations,
I can decide on delightful destinations
And lollygag in loony locations.
Yes! I can visit all kinds of places
And turn all types of pages.
I can command
A rotating claymation space station
Or even defend against
A blazin' invasion of robotic ravens.
I can think ANY story
When it's all imaginary.

If I can only imagine,
I can make ANYTHING happen --
I can be the captain
Of a flashin' rocket wagon.
I can be Aladdin
And live in a magic mansion
With my princess Jasmine
And our pet magic dragon.
I can invent a laser cannon
And all kinds of awesome gadgets.
I can be a legendary luminary
Or veterinary to Tom and Jerry,
A scientist in an interplanetary laboratory,
I can even read flying books
In a magical fairy library.
It's no prob', Bob!
After all,
It's all imaginary.

I think you can see
My imagination runs deep --
I need it now
To call those sheep
So I can count them
As they bleat and leap
And play in fields
And on hills so steep.
My eyes feel heavy,
It's off to sleep.

©️ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
10 Apr, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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