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Latest Non-Fiction Short Stories

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A Glass of Water
Story by Nesh
Situations, and life perhaps don't always happen for a reason. But we are meant to find it out.
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Story by Forever_Noone
A poem about breaking up with my first love.
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When I Do Not Lie Awake
The vastness of our dreams entail our wide vision about reality.
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Story by MaKaylee Power
This short story is all about what it's like to have and experience anxiety.
Shadow Sculptors Prologue
Story by Kat
A girl had the power to sculpt herself into shadows - but doesn't know she's not the only one - and that her powers had many more ablilities.

Random Non-Fiction Short Stories

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Young Animal Names
Story by Apemann
A light-hearted musing on the naming of animals offspring...
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Story by Madison_Writes
Kate's death has taken a major toll on Hanna...
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Story by kiraafinifrock
Mislead and forgotten morals in society- when will we face what truly troubles us?
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The Walls Inside Us
Story by kiraafinifrock
Another story I recently found, written when I was eleven.
Story by Apemann
A brief musing on modern life...

Highest Rated Non-Fiction Short Stories

Most Viewed Non-Fiction Short Stories

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Story by salpa58
Growing up in the fifties was very different time, and being a teenager was also very different. I actually talked my parents into letting me go on a date, and not an easy task back then. You won't believe what happened.
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No Longer Am I
Story by V_c29
Sad poem about a 16 year old girl feels .
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The Taken
Story by Asoxus
Once an ordinary man, now he has a profitable business in returning missing people to the families they were stolen from.
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How to Write A 'Teaser'
Story by Apemann
Help to get people interested in your work...
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An Ironical Situation
Story by PinkyTune
A rainy day viewed in the perspective of a 12-year-old. A story that would make you feel that rainy days needn't be sad, gloomy, and depressing...