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Never Again
Never Again

Never Again

7 Reviews

His name is Zac Renol. He's a ninth grader and he has a sister in the eighth grade. He studies in Red Wood High School. now here's the thing, you may not like him as he is someone who you would call a 'bully', he bullies people with his gang for entertainment and goes on his way to make people’s lives miserable, but besides his insolent character he only bullies people so that he can make friends with the popular at school and he adores his sister- Kaitlyn and would never hurt her.

Zac and his gang cyber bullied people a lot. One day Zac was on his phone, he logged onto a random website ‘readers hub’ and he scrolled through in search of his next victim, ‘harmless fun’ he thought and he came across a username ‘squiggly munchkin’. “Ha!” he laughed to himself at the name. He clicked on it and send a friend request.

A day later it was accepted, the conversation began:

Zac: hi!

SM: hi!

Zac: that username……………. Hahahahha!!

SM: he he! I know, too cute, right?

Zac: no. kind of embarrassing actually!

SM: Well, I like it!

Zac: do you write stories here

SM: Yeah.

Zac: which ones?

SM: search my name and you will find it.

Zac: okay.

20 minutes later

SM: how was it?

Zac: stunk as much as your username!!

SM: really or are you kidding?

Zac: really. You should quit writing. Because what I just read was a total waste of my time.

SM: * sad face*

Zac: just the truth.

For the next few days, Zac terrorized her and ultimately things went too far. A part of their conversation went like this:

Zac: now that I think about it you are a total waste of everyone's time.

SM: please stop.

Zac: oh you are a crybaby as well. End your life.

SM: please stop, I don’t like this.

Zac: I’ll stop………………………..for now.

He kept sending life-threatening messages to her every day.

The next day when he came back home from school, he saw his sister sitting on the couch, staring at the phone with a sad expression. When she saw him come in, she suddenly got up and went to her room.

“Katie!” he called.

“What?” she asked quietly.

“Anything wrong?”

“No,” she said and went to her room and locked it.

Zac still felt something was off and a few minutes of silent thinking he went to her room. He knocked. No answer. He knocked. No answer. Several more knocks. Still no answer. He called out to her. No answer. As the silence continued he said, “open the door or I’m breaking it open”. No answer and so, in the end, he did that.

Hanging there was the lifeless body of his beloved Katie. His mom came in, hearing the racket, she screamed at what she saw. Beneath Kaitlyn’s body was her cellphone, Zac picked it up and there on the “reader’s hub” he read what he would have never thought to on her phone:

“Me: please stop.

Zac: oh you are a crybaby as well. End your life.

Me: please stop, I don’t like this.

Zac: ill stop………………………..for now.”

He had been taunting his dear sister all along.

At that moment with tears in his eyes he told himself “never again will I do this, never again am I going to see her”

Author Notes: this is my first one, hope you liked it. please comment.

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6 Jun, 2019
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2 mins
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