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Stephen DiFranco

Squiggy is from US United States • 17 y/o • Male


Hi. I like writing stories. That's the simpler way of putting it. I don't upload much at all, but once and a while, I will share a short story.

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23 May, 2017
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Latest Stories by Stephen DiFranco

Humility Conquers Pride
A Carthaginian, enslaved to Rome in the Punic Wars who became a champion gladiator, agrees with a Roman official to help free other slaves as a penance for his former prideful state.
15 mins
Words: 3187
Read Time: 15 mins
A Sailor's Voyage
When a wealthy sailor finds himself on the Grande Hermine under Jacques Cartier, an unexpected shipwreck sends him and another man, John, to seek refuge on land nearby.
15 mins
Words: 3039
Read Time: 15 mins