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Lockdown 1
Lockdown 1

Lockdown 1

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I was 12 years old. I was outside with my group of "friends". We were laughing and joking about school. Then we went inside because recess was over. About an hour later we had a lockdown. We all got in the corner and the teacher locked the door and turned the lights off. He made sure we were all there. This was not a lockdown drill, it was a real lockdown. We were all scared out of our minds. This girl in our class started to cry loudly. We tried to calm her down. She started to cry louder when somebody pounded on the classroom door and yelled I can hear you I know you're in there. We put a hand over her mouth so the man would go away. She quieted down now. We heard the man outside pounding on the lockers to see if anyone was in them. One of my friends messaged me and told me that the man pounded on the locker she was in. She wanted to scream. I told her to keep quiet and she will be fine.

~1 hour later~

The teacher had a worried look on his face. We didn't know how long it was going to take for the guy to get caught by the police. Then once again there was banging on the door. It was the guy. He said I heard you little f*****s. Come out or I will kill the girl in the lockers. I was confused on how he figured out that she was in the locker. The girl started to cry again. We knew if she didn't shut up we would all die. We put hands over her mouth. Then we heard the police yell drop your weapon and put your hands up. Then we heard gunshots and the sound of the man hitting the floor. We were all relieved. We were in a shelter in place until the man was removed. He was thrown in jail. We never knew what happened to him after that but we didn't really care.

Author Notes: Don't take your life for granted because it could be taken from you at any moment or someone you love can be taken from you. So live like it's your last day.

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7 Feb, 2019
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