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The Stunned Friend

The Stunned Friend

By writingartist420 - 4 Reviews

The Stunned Friend

Mary and I were going to Quincy Market in Boston, Massachusetts. We boarded the Amtrak and arrived in Boston at 3:45. After arriving, we walked approximately one mile to our destination. When we got to Quincy Market, we were approached by a man to take his photograph with the live street art. (You know the ones that pretend to be statues by holding a pose for as long as possible). Mary was more than happy to take the photo for him. After the photo was taken, we moved on.

We had fun watching the street performances, shopping, and dining out. Mary ordered Chinese, and I ordered Indian. After we finished eating, we ran into the man whose photo we took two more times. I was getting a little freaked out, but I remained calm and cool. When it was time to go, I was relieved. I thought we'd stop running into him. I was wrong. When we were walking back to the train station, we ran into this guy again. I'll admit the guy seemed nice enough, but my radar was up. All I could think of was "This guy is stalking us."

Since Mary is too trusting, she didn't see it that way. My jaw dropped as she excitedly exclaimed "This is meant to be." She then exchanged phone numbers with him. After that, they departed with smiles on their faces.

We continued walking to the train station. I couldn't contain myself as I said "How could you do that? He's probably stalking us."

She said "No, I telling you it's meant to be."

Mary was so thrilled about getting Fred's phone number, that she immediately called him once on the train. Over the course of the year, they dated. He courted her, and suggested that she move to Virginia where he lived. Since Mary had family in Virginia, she decided to give it a trial run. After spending a week in Virginia with him, she comes back to say "I'm moving to Virginia to be with him. It will be okay. I have family down there."

Not knowing what to say, I said "It's your life."

I couldn't believe after the day we had at Quincy Market, that she wasn't more skeptical. Still though, I kept my mouth shut. I also couldn't believe that she acted like that day came from a romance novel.

After she moves down there, she texts me saying "He's introducing me to his wife."

Stunned, I said "What! You dated him for a whole year and even spent a week down there, and you couldn't find that out?"

Her unbelievable response was "I knew."

I said "You knew, and you moved down there anyway."

She said "I told you my family is down there. Besides, he's from Nigeria."

I said "And that makes it okay?" I was totally appalled. She wouldn't talk to me after that.

Two years later, she moves back to Maine. When she finally gets in touch we me, she tells me "He was supposed to be divorcing his wife. Once I found out he wasn't, I stayed with my family until I could find a place. After I got my apartment, he kept breaking in. I woke up to find him in bed with me. I had to get a restraining order."

I just listened. I refrained from saying "I told you so", but I did.

A few minutes later, she said "You knew. How did you know?"

Jokingly, I said "My spidey sense."

Looking back on that day, I can't believe how close we came to being victims. Is it any wonder why I have come to say "A little paranoia keeps you safe?"

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4 Jun, 2016
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3 mins
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