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Latest Drama Short Stories

Love Sucks?
Story by Raven Knight
You should never regret or hate love.
Just Another Day
Story by ThisIsEmily
This is a typical day for Emily. Except for the fact that her dad got her a new diary. Add that to the list. (Eat, school, homework, soccer, text, write, sleep). Welcome to the life of Emily!
The True Glory
Inner conflict in a mind gone awry needs a solution. But, is it worth what is about to follow?
A micro-fiction story about bravery and salvation...
Why Me? - Part 2 - "The Office"
Story by Aspen-Faye
Tracey now goes to the law firms office to sort out paper work and stuff.

Random Drama Short Stories

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Inspired By God
Story by mindful_ideas
1 Peter 5:10 is a biblical scripture proving this "story" accurate
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The Wretchedness Inside
Story by superman21
the greatest enemy is yourself
Life Lost in a Commute
Story by Nathan M Green
Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would.
The Pain That Disguises You
Story by Lynton
A poem that reveals all the pain that one hides by putting on a disguise. Many of us dress in camouflage to hide what we really feel and hope that no one will notice. But the ones that really care will see right through us.
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Highest Rated Drama Short Stories

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Tonal Shades of Lightning
Story by lemonslice
A prose poem about being let down and then go to great lengths to take revenge.
November 21st at 6:58am
Story by 🌸Fate
He opened his eyes again looking dull as ever. Time just keep repeating.
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It is story of how one person's destiny is changed by a medical miracle.
Glitter and Gold [Part One]
Story by mayanward
A girl runs away from her abusive relationship and ends up finding someone much better
A child's plea...

Most Viewed Drama Short Stories

A young girl describes why she visits hospital so often...
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #1
Story by WannabeArora
My life is pretty simple. I go to Good will middle. I'm in eighth grade. I have a best friend, and had a boyfriend. So yeah my life is perfect, right? WRONG!!!!! My name is Nicole Blake I'm 14 years old and my life is a MESS!!!
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The Poop In The House
Story by 21connollyap
By:Aidan Connolly
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The Perfect Role-Model
Story by Meggraces
Cherish the the time you have with your loved ones, death is on it's own clock
The Life Of A Teen-Aged Mess #3
Story by WannabeArora
WHAT!?!?! How is this happening to me? Can someone tell me what exactly is happening to me?