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Latest Inspirational Short Stories

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True Heart and a Little Hope
Story by Harshal khatri
Hope you too feel the pleasure of giving.
Story by AdamantCat
This story is a metaphor for my experiences with addiction.
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Goodbye To My Words Floating Free
Poem by PoeticT
words write themselves
All Audiences
First Drop of Rain
A poem on how rain can inspire us.
All Audiences
Anyone Can Make a Difference
Story by Jailbreaker01
Anyone in your life can make a difference, and you can make a difference to anyone. Start making that difference today!!

Random Inspirational Short Stories

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Story by LPMC
A Poem For My Girlfriend!
A lost boy all alone...
All Audiences
The Jump
Story by Cookies
The dreaded jump - will Roxi do it?
All Audiences
Cost of Freedom
Story by Khaled Saeed
Freedom is something like breathing air; we take it for granted. But the luxuries of freedom is most appreciated by those who lose it.
All Audiences
A Real Friend Or A Phony One!! :/
Story by crazeybabii14
what a real friend should be like and a what a phony friend is!

Highest Rated Inspirational Short Stories

Oh Darling
Suicide is never the answer...
All Audiences
Beyond the Darkness
Story by RainyMelody
This girl was bullied during all of her high school years. After her first taste of freedom, she can finally start a new life as an adult.
All Audiences
The Good Samaritan
A fast paced story about a mysterious bystander that saves woman from a car crash, and gives her a new lease on life.
A Poem of Heartaching Thoughts
Poem by Rich Powell
A brief poem that I wrote about my current aching heart in a relationship that means so much to me.
Unbreakable Love
Two girls, Carter and Taylor fall in love and are unrepeatable. A terrible accident takes place, leaving only one survivor.

Most Viewed Inspirational Short Stories

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The Most Beautiful Flower
Story by Author Unknown
All Audiences
Are you looking for a Cup or a Coffee?
Story by Galaxian
Inspiring Short Story that asks you the question, are you looking for a cup or a coffee?
All Audiences
The Power of Encouragement
Story by Author Unknown
All Audiences
Thoughts For The Day
Story by Galaxian
Food for thought on how to shape your day.
Story by RLMiera