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Latest Inspirational Short Stories

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The Tempting Traveler
The fire in the library was lighting she was the Goddess and he was mass of coals In the large hall the candelabrum, he brought over her fruit tray portrait of Marina Delray.He kissed her fine brandy
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2 hearts Victorian Whole
The gas light from the flames guided her to Victorian cobblestone town. She was just waiting for someone when he met her eye. Just words had a way of tumbling down.
Alviso Train Kiss
Story by Cobra
Notre Dame Catholic High School student engaged to be married in 2 months on graduation, still a virgin, visits Alviso with unknown date. They dine at Val's a local landmark then view the salt ponds from the rail road track trekking to ghost town of Dra
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A Game of Pride
Story by Sachin Varghese
The local chess champion faces a new opponent.
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The Key Of Happiness
Poem by Hayooy1996
This short poem expresses a small story between two girls sitting near the sea.The best place to feel relax and get inspire is the sea .

Random Inspirational Short Stories

Fire and Sand
Story by Clough
An account written in the form of a post-conflict report about an ambush in Afghanistan
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Story by princerighty1
continuation of EVERYTHING IS A REASON
Poem by Meowmix3312
How bullying is bad
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Distant Lands
Story by Pipppy12
The story of Distant Lands - written by Tim Winton conveyed from a different perspective. The story revolves around a man and woman's unspoken bond.
Wish for the Sky
Story by Kat
A new poem I tried out about fighting depression.

Highest Rated Inspirational Short Stories

Oh Darling
Suicide is never the answer...
All Audiences
Beyond the Darkness
Story by RainyMelody
This girl was bullied during all of her high school years. After her first taste of freedom, she can finally start a new life as an adult.
All Audiences
The Good Samaritan
A fast paced story about a mysterious bystander that saves woman from a car crash, and gives her a new lease on life.
A Poem of Heartaching Thoughts
Poem by Rich Powell
A brief poem that I wrote about my current aching heart in a relationship that means so much to me.
All Audiences
It is story of how one person's destiny is changed by a medical miracle.

Most Viewed Inspirational Short Stories

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The Most Beautiful Flower
Story by Author Unknown
All Audiences
Are you looking for a Cup or a Coffee?
Story by Galaxian
Inspiring Short Story that asks you the question, are you looking for a cup or a coffee?
All Audiences
The Power of Encouragement
Story by Author Unknown
All Audiences
Thoughts For The Day
Story by Galaxian
Food for thought on how to shape your day.
Story by RLMiera