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Aquarius is from GB United Kingdom • 86 y/o • Female

I am a seeker of God's wisdom and truth that's hidden behind many of the surface words of our world's sacred texts.
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21 Mar, 2018
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Looking at our world through the eyes of an astrologer.

For many years I have been a writer, astrologer and philosopher. My greatest interest is studying life, the world around me and its people. Growing in wisdom and understanding and then writing about it, through the eyes of an astrologer, is the greatest enjoyment of my life. Helping people to find a better understanding of themselves and their – in my view – predestined pathway through life has become my life's mission.

Religions, not one but all of them, are on the periphery of my life rather than being its main focus. It’s just that occasionally my inner guide and Master, my intuition, draws my attention to one or the other, because some of the Ancient Wisdom that has come directly from the Source of our being is meant to be gleaned from it. Since the beginning of human life on this planet and throughout the ages, this wisdom has been presented to our race in ever changing forms and through a great variety of channels. I am one of them and so – at least potentially – are you. Having been a free spirit thus far, I have every intention of remaining that way. Over the years, I have developed into an interested observer of life who enjoys picking the best from all the belief systems our world has ever known, so it can be shared with all those who are interested in it.

Somebody once asked me: ‘What – not who – are you?’ My reply was then, as it will always be: ‘I am a very ordinary person and a beloved child of the Universe, the same as the trees and the Stars, just the same as you and everybody else.’

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